My Car Quest

July 24, 2024

The “Accidental Artist” to Show at Concorso Ferrari

by Lita Makati - Wallace Wyss, erstwhile artist for My Car Quest, says he'll be showing art at a Ferrari event scheduled for May 5, in Pasadena, CA, which takes over two blocks of historic Colorado Boulevard, along the legendary Route 66. The … [Read more...]

Ferraris On Colorado Boulevard – Pasadena, California

by Wallace Wyss - Ya gotta admit this is one of the most fun car shows because it’s free (The Pasadena Concorso Ferrari) and has at least one hundred Ferraris. Most of the time, to see exotic cars lined up you have to pay a hefty fee, … [Read more...]

Concorso Ferrari 2013 On Colorado Boulevard In Pasadena

by Mike - My friend Bruce Caron sent in these, and many more photos, from the recent Concorso Ferrari 2013 on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California. This is the same Colorado Boulevard made famous by Jan and Dean in their hit song “The … [Read more...]