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June 24, 2024

Design Critique: Fisker Ronin

by Wallace Wyss –

They are describing it as the world’s first four door GT convertible. It is a five seater set for intro in late ’25 as a 2026 model at $385,000.

The range is one of the biggest draws–600 miles. Not to mention 1000 hp. But this commentary is strictly on the design.

FRONT The least interesting view, The beam of light across nose seems like a cliche you’d expect on an economy car. Simulated grille gives it some macho but is it an air intake for nothing? The gunslit- like running lights at night are dramatic as well. The hood has two rearward facing exhaust vents–but vents for what?

Fisker Ronin

SIDE Strong looking with muscular rear haunches and fender flares. Roofline is airy and from a distance when up, not much hint it’s a convertible. With the top down very inviting. They hide the hardtop convertible well. Wonder how much luggage space you lose when the top is down?

Fisker Ronin

The press release says it has butterfly doors which I assume is flip up–but I wonder how that works with four doors?

REAR The full width taillamp has something of a Lincoln Continental look, unfortunate and not original.

Fisker Ronin

IN SUM Have to wait until I see daylight shots of the car top down and interior before I get too enthusiastic. I feel it is ideal for a luxury tourer market–almost aimed at Rolls Royce or Bentley and the price is lower than you can get either of those brands for in a drop top.

Nobody can beat Tesla’s rapid production of near luxury cars but it makes sense to come out with a model aimed at a niche above Tesla. Look at Ferrari, one of the most profitable automakers, with higher profits per car than almost every other automaker. Let Tesla grind away with a $25,000 entry level car–that’s not where the money is.

This model is aimed at penetrating a weakness of Tesla–no convertible. If Tesla wants to dominate the luxury market, they need a convertible. Tesla is slow at introducing all new models (their 2nd generation roadster celebrated at least its fifth birthday without making it to market), so I have a feeling Fisker will make it to market with a luxury four to five seater convertible before Tesla.

Henrik Fisker spent some time at Jaguar and Aston Martin–he knows luxury more than any American born designer. He even hired David King, an ex-Aston man, to be his right hand man on getting the car done. The big question is–how soon can he get it to market?

A Side Note on the Name

Ronin sounds like the name of a movie about gangsters on the French Rivera. I recall the movie had some fast driving. The name refers to the Japanese word (in feudal Japan) for a wandering samurai who had no lord or master.

So why not name a car after a movie that has an exciting ambiance? (actually Henrik I think you should call up Monteverdi’s heirs and buy the name Palm Beach, the one they used for a one off luxury convertible). This is the kind of car they would drive in Palm Beach, Aspen, Beverly Hills, et al…

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Wallace Wyss art

THE AUTHOR Wallace Wyss, as an ad man, was involved in writing ads for the Corvette and a Lancia. At present he is a fine artist painting sporting cars.


Fisker Ronin

Design Critique: Fisker Ronin
Article Name
Design Critique: Fisker Ronin
The Fisker Ronin is being described as the world's first four door GT convertible. It is a five seater set for intro in late '25 as a 2026 model at $385,000.

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