My Car Quest

October 22, 2021

Various Interesting Stuff: Tesla, Fisker and Ford

by Mike -  Tesla Tesla is making the news again and not for a good reason, again. Jalopnik reports that Tesla has both a technical problem and a customer relations problem caused by their battery design and maybe short sighted … [Read more...]

Fisker Wins BBC Top Gear Award

by Mike - The Fisker Karma has been named the "Luxury Car of the Year" by the BBC Top Gear magazine and James May, of Top Gear, names the Fisker Karma as his "Car of the Year". No word as to what Jeremey Clarkson thinks yet. Fisker's main … [Read more...]

Fisker Begins Production of The Karma

by Mike - This article was first published as Fisker Begins Production of The Karma Plug-In-Hybrid Four Door Sedan on Technorati. Fisker Automotive, a California based start-up, began production of the Karma plug-in hybrid sedan this week at … [Read more...]