My Car Quest

April 16, 2024

AC 428: If Shelby Had Gone Italian

by Wallace Wyss - Actually Shelby knew the Italians could whack out bodies like nobody’s business, and after the first Cobra coupe was bodied entirely in the U.S. body wise (by Bill Honda) he sent the remaining five chassis to Carrozzeria Gran … [Read more...]

Car Of The Day – AC 428 Frua Convertible For Sale

UPDATE - One reader has suggested that this may be a fraudulent ad on eBay because all of the photos are from a well known dealer. by Mike - In 1965 AC realized that they needed a grand touring model that could appeal to wealthy … [Read more...]

AC And The AC 428 Frua – An Evolution Of The Cobra

by Mike - AC has an interesting history going back to the very early days of the 20th century, with a list of some wonderful cars that carried the AC badge including the AC Bristol and the AC Ace, which transformed into the AC Shelby Cobra with … [Read more...]

Only A Little Steam From The Engine At Daytona – AC 428 Frua Spider

by Mike - Alexander Oet left a Comment on the Post, Iso Adventures In Belgium and sent in photos of his beautiful AC 428 Frua Spider. Text and photos by Alexander Oet The AC Frua is a fantastic Car - had a rally from New York to … [Read more...]

AC 428 Frua – Evolved From The Cobra

by Mike - The AC 428 Frua attracts a lot of attention. The styling is striking but not as beautiful as the AC Cobra from which its chassis is derived. AC 428 Frua In 1965 AC realized that they needed a grand touring model that could … [Read more...]

AC 428 Frua and De Tomaso Mangusta For Sale

by Mike - This 1969 De Tomaso Mangusta is for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now Price of $$119,900. The seller, Daniel Schmitt & Co. (in St. Louis, Missouri), says it has just completed a restoration and has 36,325 miles. The photos look good … [Read more...]