My Car Quest

March 28, 2020

A Brief History of the Shelby Cobra

The history of Carroll Shelby is multifaceted, complex and fascinating. The movie Ford v Ferrari focuses on his involvement with the 24 Hours of Le Mans where he won the race outright with co-driver Roy Salvadori driving an Aston Martin in 1959. He … [Read more...]

AC And The AC 428 Frua – An Evolution Of The Cobra

by Mike - AC has an interesting history going back to the very early days of the 20th century, with a list of some wonderful cars that carried the AC badge including the AC Bristol and the AC Ace, which transformed into the AC Shelby Cobra with … [Read more...]

A Pretty Lady Parks Her AC Bristol In Carmel – The Video

by Mike - This pretty lady was parking her AC Bristol, with Georgia license plates, on Ocean Avenue in Carmel for the Concours on the Avenue on August 14, 2012. She was getting a lot of attention and help. Watch the video. … [Read more...]

Cars Of The California Mille – 2012 – Part 2

by Mike - The California Mille is over now but the memory of those cars and that day in beautiful San Francisco are still with me. This looked like a fresh dent above. That third head light in the middle of the … [Read more...]