My Car Quest

May 24, 2024

My AC Cobra Mk IV Sold on Bring a Trailer Today

by Mike Gulett - I announced a few days ago that I listed my 1987 Autokraft AC Cobra Mk IV on Bring a Trailer (click here to see the listing). It sold on Saturday July 22, 2023 at 12:55pm PT for $137,000 USD. This is the second car that I … [Read more...]

My AC Cobra Mk IV is on Bring a Trailer This Week

by Mike Gulett - I have listed my 1987 Autokraft AC Cobra MK IV on Bring a Trailer (click here to see the listing). The auction lasts for 7 days and will end on Saturday, July 22 at 12:37pm. I sold my Lamborghini Espada last year … [Read more...]

Why Do We Like Classic Cars So Much?

by Mike Gulett - When someone asked Willie Nelson why he took up the guitar and joined a band he replied "to get the girls". I wanted to be this guy below with the Triumph Spitfire so I bought a TR6, above. Is there some of this … [Read more...]

The AC Cobra Mk. IV – Establishing a Historical Reference

Wherein a Shelby author tries to get a handle on what came after the AC Shelby Cobra... by Wallace Wyss - In observing car clubs for the last few decades, I have come to realize that cars appreciate best when there is a strong owner's … [Read more...]

Restomod, Pro-Touring, Replica Or Something Completely Different

by Mike Gulett - I suspect that, like me, many of you are attracted to the idea of creating a custom car that is suited to your own tastes and may run on modern mechanicals for a better and more reliable driving experience than the original or it … [Read more...]

Carroll Shelby vs Brian Angliss and the AC Cobra Mk IV

by Mike Gulett - Man, Carroll Shelby was really pissed off at Brian Angliss (the founder of Autokraft) and Edsel Ford. All because of the new AC Cobra Mk IV by Autokraft. Why was Shelby so upset about the new AC Cobra Mk IV? Was it the … [Read more...]