My Car Quest

March 2, 2024

Fifteen Reasons Why We Want A Collector Car

by Mike Gulett - As I have recently wrote about in What's Next? I am searching for a new collector car, or a modern car that will be a future collector car. Portions of this article were originally published in November 2014, which means … [Read more...]

Why Do We Like Classic Cars So Much?

by Mike Gulett - When someone asked Willie Nelson why he took up the guitar and joined a band he replied "to get the girls". I wanted to be this guy below with the Triumph Spitfire so I bought a TR6, above. Is there some of this … [Read more...]

Editorial: One Black Cloud on the Horizon of the Old Car Hobby

by Wallace Wyss - I ran across it in one of the editor's columns in a British car magazine. I can't remember the magazine but the editor's complaint was that he couldn't drive his old collector car where he is used to driving because it wasn't … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Times They Are A-Changin’….

by Wallace Wyss - It is the title to a Bob Dylan song but I never thought those words would be so true as now vis-a-vis the automobile. For years our American automakers would plod along at a snail's pace; Ford adding a hood scoop here, … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Ogle Factor (Cool Cars That Is)

by Wallace Wyss - OK I'll admit it. I like people to look at my car. Not just look at it but ogle it, lust after it; feast their eyes. Not the Plain Jane Nissan I drive everyday, but when I have a special car. And I've owned a few--a Ferrari … [Read more...]

The Chrysler Crossfire – Back Under the Spotlight

by Wallace Wyss - Back in 2014, Hagerty, in an article on five used cars they thought had classic potential named the Chrysler Crossfire among them. This was a car borne out of the marriage of Daimler and Chrysler, basically a reskin of the … [Read more...]