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June 16, 2024

Only A Little Steam From The Engine At Daytona – AC 428 Frua Spider

by Mike –

Alexander Oet left a Comment on the Post, Iso Adventures In Belgium and sent in photos of his beautiful AC 428 Frua Spider.

AC 428 Frua Spider

Text and photos by Alexander Oet

The AC Frua is a fantastic Car – had a rally from New York to Miami with my wife 4 months ago. In Amelia island there was an older guy who was waiting by our parked car just to talk to me.

AC 428 Frua Spider

Turned out that he had an original 7-liter Cobra and never knew of the existence of the Italian body built successor of the Cobra. They made 4 left-hand-drive spiders out of a total of 29 and this is probably the most original one, still in its first paint.

The nice thing about these hybrid cars is that the 428 was not driven the last +\-15 years , we did an oil change, new carburetor and sent the car by container to the USA for the rally …

I thought, if we come in to trouble mechanically parts will be easy to find. We had no problem from the City of New York center all the way to Miami.

Only an small short heating problem after we raced on the Daytona circuit in between …:-)

AC 428 Frua Spider

AC 428 Frua Spider

Only a little steam

This makes our hobby so nice and adventurous!

Greetings to the My Car Quest readers and happy driving.

Alexander Oet

Frua 428 Spider

My thanks to Alexander Oet. I love your stories and would like to see more from other My Car Quest readers.



Frua 428 Spider

Only A Little Steam From The Engine At Daytona - AC 428 Frua Spider
Article Name
Only A Little Steam From The Engine At Daytona - AC 428 Frua Spider
An AC 428 Frua Spider makes the trip from New York to Miami and takes a drive around the Daytona track.


  1. Awesome story! I had a chance to buy an AC 428 outside of Los Angeles about seven years ago for $60,000. I passed on the deal and I now regret it! Looks similar to Maserati’s Mistral spider and I think they both look great.

  2. Darren Frank says

    It’s so great to see rare cars driven and enjoyed by their owners. Congratulations! Well done, Alexander!

  3. +2 on what Darren said

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