My Car Quest

April 19, 2024

Editorial: Chinese-made vehicles will be cheap but, oh, they could spy on us…

by Wallace Wyss - In a story in the Detroit News by Grant Schwab he quotes the Biden administration saying it plans to investigate the national security risks posed by internet-connected vehicles from China, a probe that could result in a ban on … [Read more...]

Tesla in China with the Tiger

by Wallace Wyss - There is an old Chinese saying "He who rides the tiger sometimes ends up inside." In having his biggest factory for Teslas in China, Musk is certainly riding the tiger. He has managed to build a best selling marque in … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Gloves Must Come Off

It's us or them in dominating the world's electric car market. by Wallace Wyss - At a recent meeting between China and the U.S. in Alaska, the Chinese used the phrase "the gloves have come off" and it's getting closer to revealing the long … [Read more...]

Are The Chinese Coming?

by Wallace Wyss Don't get worried, I'm not talking about the Chinese army, I'm talking about Chinese collectors. I didn't realize that they could be a force in the car collector market until I read the recent very lavish book called Porsche … [Read more...]