My Car Quest

February 7, 2023

The De Tomaso P70 to Appear During Monterey Car Week

by Wallace Wyss - Sometimes old race cars, even if they never race, have a way of re-appearing decades later. Such is the case with the 1965 De Tomaso P70. Originally it started out as a project with partners Alejandro DeTomaso and Carroll … [Read more...]

Tom Meade: An Americano In Italia – Doing What All Of Us Wished We Could Do…

by Wallace Wyss - Fate is a funny thing. Sometimes you read about someone and never think you will meet them. Well, this is a guy I first heard about in Road & Track classifieds and later on I did run into him. He was one memorable character. … [Read more...]

Another Ferrari NART Spider – This One Made Before The Famous 275 GTB/4 NART Spiders

by Mike - After reading the My Car Quest articles on the Ferrari NART Spiders Ron Spangler of "Prancing Horse Farm" in Maryland contacted me and wanted to let me know about a very special Ferrari NART Spider that he has for sale. 1961 Ferrari … [Read more...]