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November 27, 2022

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The Best of France & Italy-2022: A Quick Buzz Through

by Wallace Wyss - I think this is a near perfect car show as far as being free of awards and judges fretting about--worrying over such details as did those wing nuts come in brass or aluminum? The Best of France and Italy is presented by the same … [Read more...]

Memories of a Motoring Scribe

The day our reporter learned about the demise of American Motors. by Wallace Wyss - It's all so fragmentary--little glimpses of being a motoring scribe come back to me. Cherished moments, some of them, others a nightmare (like the time … [Read more...]

The Seductive Appeal of Multiple Weber Carburetors

by Wallace Wyss - When I made my first engine painting (GTO engine six dual throat Webers) I picked that engine because it had real eye appeal, and ya gotta love it because each carb has two throats, so basically each of the twelve cylinders has … [Read more...]

The American Motors AMX/3 – Number 6

by Mike Gulett - There were only five AMX/3s made before American Motors shut the program down in late 1970. Then one more was assembled by Salvatore Diomante from the remaining parts for a total of six of these beautiful super cars. The AMC … [Read more...]

Events: Doin’ The Huff – October 22, 2022

Bo Huff Rockabilly Car Show (Huffarama) that is - San Manuel Stadium San Bernardino, California. Text by Wallace Wyss and photos by Richard Bartholomew - As an automotive reporter, I go to a lot of car shows. Some are sponsored by automakers, … [Read more...]

Bentley Badges – Different Colors for Different Purposes

by Mike Gulett - Have you ever noticed that there are four different background colors of the Bentley winged badge? The colors do have a meaning, although I am not sure that Bentley has been 100% consistent with these color meanings over the … [Read more...]