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March 1, 2021

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Collecting: Considering the Jaguar E-Type

by Wallace Wyss - To understand the impact of the Jaguar E-type (XKE in the US) you have to remember the bloated cars Detroit was making in 1961. The E-type was downright revolutionary, sort of like when the American P51 pilots came head to … [Read more...]

The David Brown Speedback GT

New from Blighty: an Aston Martin look alike from a chap who has the same name as Aston Martin's hero. by Wallace Wyss - I thought I was paying attention to what's going on in England but maybe I saw the Speedback GT in Octane Magazine or CAR … [Read more...]

Concepts: 1970 Ford Mustang Milano

It seems to have influenced the modern day Dodge Challenger... by Wallace Wyss - In the late '60s leading into the '70s, Ford was intent on coming up with an Italian influenced car. Most of the Ford prototypes had Italian names and Henry Ford … [Read more...]

A De Tomaso Mangusta Commissioned by Carroll Shelby is Sold

Mecum sells a piece of history - a hot rodded Mangusta with Shelby Mk V badges keeps 'Gooses over $300K. by Wallace Wyss - The Mangusta's time in the sun is at last a reality--they have soared to over $300,000 which is up to Iso Grifo … [Read more...]

Giugiaro Designed Teapot Set – For Sale

Car Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro designed other items besides cars including this teapot set. Genuinely very rare Giugiaro Teapot Set (3 pots) - For Sale As new condition. Collection pieces with original packaging. Famous Giugiaro designs … [Read more...]

Zero260: Curating Cars For Sale on the Internet

by Mike Gulett - Every now and then, I like to look at cars for sale - that is why my blog is named My Car Quest. Sometimes it’s to see how much models similar to those I own, or have owned, are going for, or if that car I’ve pined for my entire … [Read more...]