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May 27, 2024

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Confessions of a Barn Finder: Adventures in (Almost) Paradise

by Wallace Wyss - So when I was a kid I liked this TV series called Adventures in Paradise. I can’t remember much about it except it involved a big schooner, and a studly-looking actor named Gardner McKay. Flash forward about 20 years and … [Read more...]

Selling Your Classic Car

by Mike Gulett - Owning a classic car is a lot of fun but when the time comes selling one can be a challenge. Finding the right buyer for your car can take some work. There are many options and today we are focusing on selling on the Internet … [Read more...]

Editorial: Gas Powered Cars – An Enemy of the State?

by Wallace Wyss - If electric cars pretty much take over American roads by 2030, ICE (internal combustion engine) cars will be no doubt relegated to a lower status. Or even outlawed as Enemies of the State. Here's why-the electric cars … [Read more...]

What Is The Difference Between A Cobra And A Tiger?

by Mike Gulett -  Both the AC Shelby Cobra and the Sunbeam Tiger were styled by British companies, built on British chassis designs and are powered by Ford V8 engines. And Carroll Shelby was involved with both. Shelby created the Cobra based on … [Read more...]

The Older I Get…

by Mike Gulett - The older I get the more my taste in cars, that I want to own, changes. Maybe some of you do not want to admit this but it is true for me. I am attracted to cars by their beauty and style but underneath they must also have … [Read more...]

Still Missing: The Pininfarina Cadillac Skylight Twins

I am amazed at what I find deep in the My Car Quest Wayback Machine and this article from December 2014 about Pininfarina Cadillacs by Wallace Wyss is as interesting as it gets (including the Comments). I hope you enjoy the read. Mike Gulett, … [Read more...]