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December 1, 2021

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Mercedes EQS A Conservative Approach to an Electric Sedan

by Wallace Wyss - Mercedes has fielded an all new electric sedan, designed to compete with Tesla and possibly the Lucid. Mercedes is confident enough to make this their electric flagship. Base engine is a 329-hp, rear-drive powertrain … [Read more...]

Mazda 3: Here’s Why It’s Worth It

Mazda is often known to straddle the line between luxury and mainstream. With several other models in the portfolio already, the manufacturer continues to impress the market and consumers alike. However, the variant in question today is Mazda 3. … [Read more...]

Becoming the Best Driver You Can Be

Driving a car is a big responsibility. Not only are your responsible for your own safety when driving, but you’re responsible for the safety of others around you - whether that’s other drivers, pedestrians or other people’s property. So, for … [Read more...]

What Should I Do if I Am Hit by a Commercial Truck?

Accidents caused by trucks are one of the scariest experiences you may have, as trucks weigh up to 8,000 pounds and can cause serious damage. The amount of property and bodily damage you experience may require a long time to recover from, which is … [Read more...]

The Reimagined 2022 Lexus LX 600 Is Luxury Performance

Lexus has long been synonymous with luxury, and they have redesigned their flagship LX line to take luxury from city to off-road. Lexus’s LX model arrived on the scene in 1995 and quickly became an iconic luxury SUV. Some of the classic features … [Read more...]

Design Critique: 2022 Mercedes SL

by Wallace Wyss - Say it isn't so, Joe...from some angles the new $100,000 plus Mercedes SL roadster looks like...a Porsche. I heard about it on the radio, a rival car show, and had to check it out. When I saw the first rear 3/4 … [Read more...]