My Car Quest

February 6, 2023

How Often Should You Clean Your Car?

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your car can increase its lifespan from an estimated 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles, according to Progressive. Despite this, Americans aren’t keeping on top of car cleanliness. A recent survey found that 10% of … [Read more...]

The Best Ways To Maintain Your Mustang

Mustangs are great for cruising around town or taking on long road trips. They're reliable and dependable, making them perfect for everyday use. With their sleek exterior design and modern interior amenities, Ford Mustangs are truly special vehicles. … [Read more...]

What To Look For In A Reliable Auto Repair Shop

If you’re dealing with car issues or need a vehicle tune-up service, finding a reliable auto repair shop you can trust is essential. Unfortunately, when searching for an auto repair shop, it’s never easy to tell who’s honest and who’s not. Each shop … [Read more...]

Car Servicing Yourself vs A Professional Mechanic: What’s Better?

Which is better, do it yourself car servicing or a professional mechanic? It’s the age-old debate amongst car enthusiasts. While the answer might resoundingly be ‘mechanics’ for those who know nothing about cars. For those who have a passion for … [Read more...]

Car Maintenance And Cleaning: What Tasks Can You Carry Out At Home And How Often?

Good car maintenance will go a long way in keeping your car in top-notch condition. Someone who isn't an avid car enthusiast will be lost in good car maintenance techniques. It is a simple guide to good car maintenance, where you’ll learn everything … [Read more...]

Make Your Car Look Brand New With These Tips

Making your car look new boosts your confidence and reduces its depreciation rate. There are dozens of things you can do to ensure your prized asset retains its tip-top look. However, some are either too costly or too taxing for ordinary car owners … [Read more...]