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July 20, 2024

This Is My Favorite Ghia 450SS

by Mike Gulett –

I suspect that many of you have never seen a Ghia 450SS in person because they are so rare.

Ghia 450SS

What does it mean for me to say that this is the best one that I have seen when I have only seen three or four in person?

Ghia 450SS

The few that I have seen in person represent about 10% of the Ghia 450SSs in existence. I have also seen photos of a few more and this is still my favorite.

I love the copper color with white interior.

Ghia 450SS Background

The Hollywood producer, Burt Sugarman, saw a Ghia-bodied Fiat on the cover of Road & Track magazine in 1965. Sugarman loved the looks and wanted one for himself. He approached Ghia and persuaded the company to build a similar car. So, the Ghia 450SS was born.

Today the Ghia 450SS is an extremely rare car that combines the elegant styling of Giorgetto Giugiaro with Chrysler power.

Ghia 450SS Engine

Only fifty-two were made in 1966 and 1967 and all were sold by a dealer in Beverly Hills, California, which may explain why many of these cars were owned by Hollywood locals – including movie stars. Anyone would look good cruising down Sunset Boulevard in a Ghia 450SS!

Ghia 450SS Interior

This beauty was at the Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance in 2012.

More photos are in the slide show below.

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Ghia Logo

Photos by Mike Gulett.

This Is My Favorite Ghia 450SS
Article Name
This Is My Favorite Ghia 450SS
Anyone would look good cruising down Sunset Boulevard in a Ghia 450SS!


  1. Hi Mike,
    Since i have been wrestling with getting my restored Triumph TR3 steering wheel properly centered I was very aware that the steering wheel in the Ghia 450 SSI appears to be mis aligned. The wheels in the picture appear to be straight while the steering wheel is at an angle which surprises me in an otherwise beautiful and expensive car.

  2. All of the Ghia 450ss steering wheels are off center. There is a beautiful non-metalic grey one in the Palos Verdes are that use to come to the local C&C periodically. Awesome cars!

  3. I’ve owned a couple of Ghia 450SS. Interesting car to look at but drives like a Barracuda (that was not a compliment). The Ghia feels like an American car pretending to look Italian. No where near the quality level nor the driving experience of an Iso Grifo.

  4. Mike Kerns says

    Totally agree with Ivan. My car I can drive with I “pinky”, so the power steering is when too much. But a fun car the cruise for errands.

    • Mike: I sent the power steering unit to Firm Feel, Inc in Vancouver, WA and had it rebuilt to “police car” specs. It gave the car a much need firmer power steering. I must admit the 450SS did get much attention at the local Cars and Coffee..

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