My Car Quest

April 17, 2024


European Style with American Muscle

Cars with American engines and European chassis and body designs have gained respect in the classic car collector world and the car world in general.

These classic cars are art on wheels and are appreciating in value as it becomes recognized that they are an important chapter in the history of the car.

There are 25 marques profiled with more than 100 photos of these special cars.

Huge Paper Book Price Reduction!

European Style with American Muscle

The paperback is 117 pages long and is AVAILABLE HERE from the publisher for only $19.95.

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Iso Car Literature

This new book contains a collection of rare Iso car literature reproductions including: Iso Grifo, Iso Rivolta GT, Iso Lele, Iso Fidia and Isetta. This book has nearly 100 images and a brief history of Iso.

This paper back book is 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high and is 88 pages long.

This high quality reproduction sales literature is a treasure for the Iso fan and is AVAILABLE HERE.

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