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March 2, 2024


Twenty-Five Affordable Classic Cars

“Twenty-Five Affordable Classic Cars” is available now on the Amazon Kindle store.

The classic car market is exploding and values of certain models continue to increase every year while other models stay the same, or even decrease in value.

This new eBook is a classic car guidebook describing twenty-five affordable classic cars that I believe are all interesting and desirable in their own way. There is a brief description of each model and the market value of each model is discussed.

The author shares his opinion on the appreciation potential of each model discussed.

Twenty-Five Affordable Classic Cars by Mike Gulett

Classic Cars Can Change Your Life

This eBook is available from Amazon.

This book is intended to guide the enthusiasts who may be new to the classic car world or has not yet bought that special classic car. It also can help a young person develop an interest in classic cars.

Classic Cars Can Change Your Life by Mike Gulett

European Style with American Muscle

The beauty, performance and elegance of a European car chassis and body style with an American engine, usually a powerful V8, results in a very fast, small car that is suitable to win races or just to drive around, have fun and look great. These cars are art on wheels and are appreciating in value as it becomes recognized that they are an important chapter in the history of the car.

Buy in all eBook formats from the publisher Smashwords of from the Amazon Kindle store.

European Style with American Muscle by Mike Gulett

My Car Quest Chronicles Volume 1

The classic car as art begins with the shape, but the engineering and performance must match the beauty of that shape. The classic cars that the author writes about are works of art.

This is a collection of some of the favorite articles from the popular classic car blog, My Car Quest. Including: Aston Martin, Bizzarrini, Iso Grifo and Iso Rivolta models.

Buy from the Amazon Kindle store.

My Car Quest Chronicles Volume 1 cover

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