My Car Quest

March 3, 2024

European Style with American Muscle

Cars with American engines and European chassis and body designs have gained respect in the classic car collector world and the car world in general.

These classic cars are art on wheels and are appreciating in value as it becomes recognized that they are an important chapter in the history of the car.

There are 25 marques profiled with more than 100 photos of these special cars.

Available as an eBook – click here.

Reader reviews:

“Cars with European coachwork and American power are what we used to call “hybrids” long before today’s definition of a purpose built, fuel-stingy automobile became part of the lexicon. Mike Gulett’s book is small but mighty, and nicely tells the story of many of them; most you’ll have heard of, some not. Some of the most obscure models are missing, but the important ones are present and the story’s well told. This is a book I always wanted to write, and darn Gulett beat me to it. Good for you, Mike.”

Matt Stone

Former Editor, Motor Trend Classic, Sr. Editor Motor Trend
Author of “McQueen’s Machines”

“Mike’s book is a clear summation of a market segment under reported yet should be for the sake of automotive history. A tip of the hat is clearly in order for Mike who does an excellent job of recording that history.” says Ridestory.

“European Style with American Muscle” is a must for all car aficionados.” says The US Review of Books.

“If you’re like me and passionately love European-style sports cars and GTs powered by powerful, reliable and durable American engines, Mike Gulett’s latest e-book, “European Style with American Muscle”, belongs in your library.” – Martyn L. Schorr


“I highly recommend this book for any car enthusiast.” – Jamie Frank

Mike chose an interesting topic, which has been underreported in the past. He covers all the major “hybrid” vehicles with accurate, factual, information in an easy-to-read format. Good color pictures are included. Recommended for those who want to learn more about an exciting time in automotive history when American engine technology was considered the world standard. Recommended! – Pete Engel


I truly enjoyed reading Mike’s book, and learned a lot from it. While I knew of many so-called European/American “Hybrids” existed, I had no idea there were actually that many, nor that they dated as far back as they did. – Darren Frank