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November 30, 2015

The Ugliest Car At Amelia Island

by Mike –

I couldn’t look away, it is so ugly, especially from the front.

Spohn Convertible

Spohn Convertible

Built in 1957 this is a Spohn Convertible, it is one of the last Spohns built (that is a good thing in my opinion). Spohn was a coach builder from Ravensburg, Germany, who was credited with building bodies for the pre-war Maybachs.

Spohn Convertible

After the war, Spohn purchased left over cars from the US military to use the chassis in the coach building business.

Each car built by Spohn was built to the buyers specifications. Less than 200 Spohns were made and no two are alike (also a good thing that there is not another like this one).

Spohn Convertible

This particular Spohn was built on a 1939 Ford chassis with a 1953 Cadillac 331 cid V8 engine and it has a 3-speed Ford transmission.

I am not going to tell you the names of the owners but one of them is the star of a very popular TV car show about chasing classic cars.

Let us know in the Comments if you think this is the ugliest car you have seen, or offer up an uglier alternative.

For some better looking cars at Amelia Island take a look at the photos by Rich Truesdell at Automotive Traveler.

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  1. That could be the ugliest car in the world not just at Amelia Island!

  2. When I saw the first photo you put up, I immediately thought it was designed by H Simpson and Son, or a custom built parody of it.
    Certainly, you cannot fail to be noticed when driving it. Just a matter of whether the people seeing it go blind or find themselves in paroxisms of indeterminate emotions that leave them unable to drive, walk properly or otherwise precludes rational behaviour.
    I thought it wasn’t so much touched by the ugly stick as given a flogging with it.
    Perhaps it was Spohned on?
    That the rear is only wildly disturbing compared to the front may be a blessing, but,…….
    I’ve told my kids that if they don’t start behaving, I’ll find one of these in a barn and buy it for them (and hide all the keys to all the other cars).
    I am truly intrigued by cars such as these. Can’t drag my eyes away, just like train wrecks, dam bursts, or the lady with 20ft of toilet paper trailing from her skirt.
    Is it ‘on behalf’ embarrassment or morbid fascination?

  3. Yep, I said it was ugly and I meant it.

    • Hello Guys , as much as we love the same cars like iso’s, Bizza’s , Monteverdi’s etc I dont agree ..
      If this car had a much more stunning color like ice blue , different bigger wheels it would look already much more different !
      I can see myself driving around in it ( at night ) and scare the hell out of people.
      That is so nice about special body cars , there is always somebody who likes it !!

  4. This car was in the class “What Were They Thinking?” and I don’t think there is an answer to that question for this Spohn.

    • JamesWm says:

      Just remember “even the little black beetle is beautiful in the eyes of its mother”.

      Try and buy one. And while you are waiting, understand their history.

  5. Joe Davidson says:

    I saw this car on the flight line at the 435TFS ,479 TFW George A F B.California in 1958. The OWNER was Col. GEORGE LAVEN Jr. who was the Commander of the 479 Tactical Fighter Wing .Col. Laven flew a F-100-C aircraft serial no. 54-076 from our 435 T F S ! I

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