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December 15, 2018

The BMW 1600 GT (Glas)

by Mike –

This little 1968 BMW 1600 GT was spotted at the recent Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue during Monterey Car Week.

BMW 1600 GT

BMW acquires products and technology

In the mid-1950s BMW was having financial difficulties and decided to acquire the rights to manufacture the Iso Isetta. BMW’s version of the small Isetta was powered by a modified form of BMW’s motorcycle engine. The success of the Isetta helped BMW get back on its feet.

BMW also acquired the Hans Glas company in 1966, based in Dingolfing, Germany, and Glas vehicles were briefly badged as BMW.

The acquisition was likely primarily to gain access to Glas’ development of the timing belt with an overhead camshaft in automotive applications, but it was also a benefit to acquire Glas’ Dingolfing manufacturing facility and talented people.

The Glas factories continued to build a limited number of their existing models, while adding the manufacture of BMW models until they could be fully incorporated into BMW.

The BMW 1600 GT is a re-engineered Typ 04 1300 GT first made by Pietro Frua in Turin. A total of 1,259 were made through 1968.

I think that Italian styling powered by BMW was a great idea.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

BMW 1600 GT

BMW 1600 GT

BMW 1600 GT

BMW 1600 GT

BMW 1600 GT



BMW 1600 GT

The BMW 1600 GT (Glas)
Article Name
The BMW 1600 GT (Glas)
This is a rare and beautiful BMW 1600 GT.


  1. The BMW Glas was certainly a spectacular car and worth the trouble of restoration and ownership… Certainly the very handsome Frua Coachwork is very seductive and adds significantly to the desirability of the car. I had 2 of the Glas 1700’s and the build quality was quite good.

  2. Rollie Langston says:

    A good example of “the best of both worlds”.

  3. I’ve always loved the Frua designed Glas automobiles. I have a 3000GT just being finished which I hope to put a lot of miles on next summer.

  4. Mike Clarke says:

    Very Similar lines to the ASA

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