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November 18, 2018

The Rare Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Text and photos by Jörg Valentin –

When I saw this car for the first time in a photo, I decided that I must have one. But where to find one for sale? There are only about 120 examples worldwide. So, I started my search and by luck I found, in an online forum, a notice that an OSI was for sale.

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I contacted the seller in Germany and was able to buy my OSI. The car arrived in Switzerland a few weeks later by truck, and I was very happy. The condition was, however, not very good as it is with most OSIs.

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Due to the design, the cars rust in almost all places. A simple restoration was not possible, as there are no spare parts for this car.

So I decided to perform a frame off, nut and bolt restoration. This was an enormous effort with many parts being made by hand.

After about 2800 hours of work and two years, the OSI was finished.

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

The result can be seen in the photos here. It is probably the most beautiful OSI in the world and was at the Concours de Exklusiv.

Most people do not know what the car is. Wherever I go, I am approached by people who want to know what it is and most think it is a Ferrari, Maserati or some other Italian car. The Italian genes cannot be hidden.

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

If this OSI had a Ferrari, Maserati or another powerful 12-cylinder engine, it would be worth millions. But it remains a simple vehicle.

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

This Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe has the body number 156, produced in November 1966, an older model.

See more photos in the slide shows at the end.

OSI Summary by Mike Gulett

Sergio Sartorelli was the designer of the beautiful Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe which is based on the German Ford Taunus 20m. Sartorelli also designed the Type 3 based Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34.

OSI (Officine Stampaggi Industriali), in business from 1960 to 1967, was intended to be a design branch of Ghia and was founded by Luigi Segre (the former president of Ghia) and Arrigo Olivetti from the Fergat company.

Approximately 2,200 Ford OSI 20m TS Coupes were made with less than 10% of those surviving.

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Colors of the Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Colors of the Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Technical Summary of the Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

Technical Summary of the Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe

More photos are in the slides show below.


After Restoration


During Restoration


Before Restoration


Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe Logo

The Rare Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe
Article Name
The Rare Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe
This rare Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe has been restored to a very high standard which makes it even more rare.


  1. Well done. I too have one and they must be seen in person to fully appreciate.

  2. I also am fortunate enough to own one of these and am looking forward to doing the restoration on mine as well…
    The good news for me is mine is a very solid car.

  3. Richard and Jim,

    Wow! – we have nearly 3% of the OSI owners right here!

    I have become very attracted to this rare car. Another reader who bought my Iso Rivolta a few years ago also had an OSI.

  4. Really nice restoration job. I saw two at the Best of France an Italy show in Van Nuys California. Very cool car.

  5. Mike Clarke says:

    Neat cars always wanted one of these, but most were so rusted it didn’t make sense. There is a well restored black OSI running around called the Black Mamba. It has a Ford 302 with four downdraft Webers for 400 HP. It’s mated to a Tremec 5 speed and a 8″ rear end. It was on Bring a trailer last August.

  6. I understand fixing this car properly, but if I were doing it I would do what someone had done to a Ford Capri I once owned, (And wished I still did) they put a 5 litre small block Windsor motor in it and a Toyota 5 spd. gear box and it was an absolute beast. The South Africans had a 5 litre version and I saw a yellow one in Mona Vale Sydney perfectly restored and ready for the Targa Tasmania with a 500 HP Windsor motor and the guy who owned it said the only thing holding him back was the requirement that he had to use tyers no wider than 225 or he would be all over the leading Porches…mine had about 250 HP or a bit better was lowered and had low Yokahama 225s and it was crazy fast and very awesome sounding especially gearing down.
    Again I understand what you have done…but starting from scratch, if you are going to spend all that money, were you not tempted to upgrade?

  7. Raymond Nelson says:

    Beautiful Car.

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