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June 7, 2023

A Custom Ferrari And The Movie Star

by Mike-

This custom Ferrari was commissioned by movie director Roberto Rossellini for his wife, movie star Ingrid Bergman.

Rossellenni Ferrari 375 MM

The color of this custom Ferrari was also custom. Years later this color, “Grigio Ingrid”, became available for production Ferraris. Not only did Ingrid Bergman get a custom Ferrari she also has a Ferrari color named for her!

Rossellenni Ferrari 375 MM

Roseleni, Bergman, Farina and Ferrari

Roberto Rossellini, Giuseppe “Nino” Farina,
Ingrid Bergman and Enzo Ferrari

Rossellenni Ferrari 375 MM

Rossellenni Ferrari

It must be great to have been able to buy a custom designed Ferrari for your wife. I’m sure Rossellini had no trouble selling this one-off Ferrari when Ingrid wanted something new.




  1. Hi Mike! Sometime ago I read that Rossellini’s wife never drove the car, despite the fact it was a very special and surely expensive gift made just for her. Have you ever heard about this story? Is it true?

  2. I assume the crash damage was to the rear, and was certainly not improved by Scaglietti!

  3. As a lover of movies, Roberto Rossellini, and Igrid Bergman, this story was fascinating, and the picture alone of the couple with Farina and Ferrari is terrific! I hope that Ms. Bergman drove the car, because a beautiful Ferrari like that needs to be driven. Do you happen to know where the car is now? Thanks for the great story. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  4. The headlight treatment is very similar to todays cars, what great designs they had back then.

  5. Rossellini was a great customer for Scaglietti

    Scan down to his 375MM which he also crashed and had rebuilt as a gorgeous coupe!

  6. Torello Tacchi says

    I’ve been a fan of Ferraris since grammar school days. In 1959 just out of high school a friend let me drive a 410 Super America. as I recall the model was. Over the years, I was fortunate to drive 4 more types. Having grown up in the auto industry in my father’s auto business, I fell in love with Il Comamdatore’s creations, For me. these cars are like no other, in terms of engineering, design, and performance, and unlike any other car, Ferraris have a human soul, and nearly human like, obeying every command of its driver with their incomparable performance.
    God willing, my bucket list will be just one item, a Ferrari

  7. Michael T. Lynch says

    If you read Ingrid’s autobio, she remarks at length about her dislike of Roberto’s Ferraris. I think it very likely that she never drove the car. Ferrari liked the ladies, and you notice the seating arrangement has Ingrid next to Ferrari, and Rossellini is on the other side of the table.

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