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October 19, 2020

A Barn Find Discussion

by Mike –

This barn find animation is a rerun from a few years ago, it is still pertinent I think.

Ferrari 275 GTB barn find

This animated video is 1:10 long and you can watch it on full screen (click on the arrows to the left of ‘Vimeo’ in the lower right corner and then click the play triangle in the lower left corner – turn on the sound).

Barn Find

The Ferrari 275 GTB pictured above was discussed here.

Watch the video and let us know what you think in the Comments.



A Barn Find Discussion
Article Name
A Barn Find Discussion
A classic car barn find can defy logic sometimes.


  1. ~ ‘then why not just leave it in the barn?’
    ‘you do not understand classic car people.’

  2. Best line: “A car can be original only once”

  3. Beautiful video clip.
    I too love the ‘then why not just leave it in the barn?’ (and let the value escalate even more!)
    I love it. The conundrum of pretension vs reality.
    What it is, is what it is, regardless of what you’d like it to be.

  4. I am happy someone appreciates my humor – you know this will only encourage me.

  5. lol.
    (Encourage, encourage)
    Its like; “Of course, I’m fitting the original tyres for the correct look”.
    Those 15/20yr old Pirelli Cinturatos turn in like bowling balls down a well waxed alley.
    Momentum 1: Original equipment 0

  6. The only term missing was “Restoration Ready”

  7. Is rust the new gold?

  8. Mel Walters says

    Your best animation sequence yet, I think. Thanks, Mike!

    I was wondering if there was a typo in Jim Simpson’s comment. Did he not mean, “Rusteration Ready”?

  9. Trevor Gaunt says

    Hey! What kind of idiot opened the barn doors too fast and dented the front valance or is that just additional patina to be kept original?

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