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December 6, 2023

Driving Safer at Night

As a driver, you know exactly how risky it can be to drive at night. There is limited visibility, uncertain road conditions, tired drivers, maybe drunk drivers, all of this makes driving at night a greater risk.

The risk is greater when you are making longer trips or on dark, unlit roads. It’s not easy and it isn’t safe either, but there are ways you can avoid accidents at night. And while driverless cars are likely farther in the future than thought at one time, you should check out these tips that will get you started.

Driving at night

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Check your vehicle

This is one basic thing you wouldn’t want to neglect, even if you’re driving during the day. Checking your vehicle, whether it’s new or used, is crucial to keeping yourself safe at night. You will need to be aware of issues that not only affect your vehicle but also puts your safety in jeopardy. So, have your car serviced regularly and make repairs and improvements when needed. You don’t want to start a night trip with a flat tire or bad brakes that you would have spotted if you checked. This could lead to you being stranded by the side of the road at night maybe in an unfamiliar area.

Check your GPS and your cell phone

If you are driving to an unknown location check the function of your GPS system. It is better to program the desired destination before you start the trip.

It is always a good idea to have your mobile phone with you on a nighttime drive just in case something happens you can call for help instead of possibly being stranded.

Have your eyes checked

Some states prohibit drivers with eye impairments unless they wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. And if you wear eyeglasses your vision doesn’t get any better at night. Have your eyes checked and consult with an optometrist if you feel dizzy or if you see sparkling lights when driving at night.

Your windows and windshield should be clean

Things get even worse when you’re driving along dark roads in heavy rain. In such cases, you will need to keep your field of vision clear by cleaning your windows of any debris. Moisture, glare, and dead insects limit your view of the road, so it’s always better to find time to clean the glass before a nighttime drive.

Repair or replace your headlights

When you’re planning an extended road trip, you might want to pay close attention to your headlights. These are “eyes” that help you see in the dark, so it’s only smart to test them. If the headlights aren’t emitting a bright enough light, then you might want to have them checked. For a full restoration of your headlights, you can check out Van Isle.

Stay focused while driving at night

Don’t risk reckless driving when you drive at night. When driving at night, it’s important to reduce distractions and focus solely on the road. It may be the most basic principle to follow, but not using your phone while you drive can help you avoid injuries and damage that could cost you. A little soothing music is okay, as long as it helps you stay alert in case something happens as you drive. It also helps if you are aware of your surroundings so you can have a better understanding of what you need to do in case of a problem.

Avoid drunk drivers

Shortly after the bars close can be a dangerous time to be on the road. A frequent occurrence is a drunk driver leaving the bar at closing time, driving to the freeway and entering on the exit ramp.

This drunk driver is now going in the wrong direction and seeking to avoid detection by the police will drive slowly in the slow lane which is actually the fast lane for drivers driving in the correct direction. And, oh these drunk drivers will forget to turn on their lights. This is a serious head-on accident in the making, which does happen on a regular basis.

The best way to avoid this situation is to not be on the road at this time of night.

In sum…

Driving at night should be avoided if possible because it can be dangerous and night driving is definitely not for everyone. But there are some situations where driving at night is necessary. You have to stay focused and be on the lookout and prepared for anything that can happen.

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Ferrari at night

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Driving Safer at Night
Article Name
Driving Safer at Night
Driving at night can be dangerous. Here are some tips to make it a little safer.


  1. wallace wyss says

    The chief problem I find with driving at night is that in areas where there is construction and makeshift lanes (made by moving around concrete barriers) it demands good visibility, denied to you by the darkness. So the risk factor
    increases , especially on unfamiliar roads, so much so that there’s certain roads I wouldn’t take at night that I am perfectly OK with in daylight.

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