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July 24, 2024

The Importance of Tire Maintenance and How To Keep Tires Safe

The average cost of tire replacement ranges from $137 per tire for compact cars to $187 for high-performance sports cars and pickup trucks, according to Consumer Reports. Tires are the only features connecting your vehicle with the road. Taking the time to care for your tires helps prevent potential road accidents. You could also save money on fuel consumption and frequent tire replacements. So, it’s essential to keep them in perfect working conditions to enhance your safety while driving.

With that in mind, now’s the time to prioritize tire safety practices at least once a month, when getting your car ready for winter, and before going on a long road trip. Here’s how to keep your car well-maintained and safe on the road.

Check Tire Tread

No matter how often you drive, checking the depth of tire tread should be a priority. Excellent tread depth guarantees improved traction and handling on any terrain. It also helps eliminate the risk of cars sliding on ice or even a thin layer of water on the roads. To ensure you calculate the tread depth, you will need a proper tire gauge. However, you may use the penny trick if you don’t own a gauge.

This tactic requires you to insert a penny into a tread groove, with Lincoln’s head facing down. If the top of the head isn’t visible, that means your tire tread is deep enough. In the case you can still see the head, it is clear your tire tread depth is below the required measure. And the best thing you can do is to replace your tires immediately to prevent your vehicle from skidding off the road.

Invest in Quality Tires

Replacing worn-out tires with quality ones is essential for a safe commute. New tires provide excellent traction because they have perfect tread patterns that offer a better grip on road surfaces. This means your vehicle is unlikely to skid or slide on ice, mud, or water. Purchasing the right tires will also improve gas mileage since you won’t be putting in more effort to steer or turn off the vehicle. But before you can start shopping, consider reading and comparing tire reviews from other vehicle owners. This trick helps you know which tire manufacturers offer durable tires worth your money.

Inspect the Air Pressure

Maintaining the correct tire pressure boosts fuel efficiency, improves braking and handling, and extends the life of treads. While your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system will always send alerts when the air pressure is incorrect, it is wise to perform manual inspections every week. With the help of a quality tire pressure gauge, you can detect if your tires are over or under-inflated.

Keep in mind that under-inflated tires wear prematurely because more of the tracks come into contact with the road, resulting in heat build-up. Over-inflated tires might not pose a lot of danger but may provide less comfortable rides. In fact, driving on over-inflated tires also causes the center of the tread to wear faster, increasing the need for replacements, which can be costly.

Look Out for Damage

Aside from inspecting tire treads, check the overall conditions of tires once per month. Visually inspect your tires for puncture, cuts, splits, and cracks. Also, check for common tire wear patterns like cupping, outer edge, center, and uneven wear. If you identify any of this type of damage, make sure to consult a professional tire dealer for repairs or replacements. When it’s time to replace your tires, be sure to consider high-quality winter tire options from reputable brands depending on your car model, such as Chevrolet.

Damage or uneven wear patterns shorten the lifespan of your tires and increase the risk of road mishaps. To avoid any problems, follow the right tire safety tips offered by professionals. As a car owner, take time to inspect tire tread depths, air pressure, tire damage and invest in high-quality tires.

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The Importance of Tire Maintenance and How To Keep Tires Safe
Article Name
The Importance of Tire Maintenance and How To Keep Tires Safe
Tips for keeping your tires safe.


  1. Also, it should be noted that even some of the lesser known brands have improved in quality in recent years, so make sure you don’t discount companies outside of Bridgestone and Goodyear.

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