My Car Quest

December 1, 2021

Delayed Symptoms You Need To Be Wary Of After A Car Accident

Car accidents represent one of the most tragic ways to lose a life, in part because a lot of the time they can be avoided. The danger extends to a period even after the accident. There are many injuries that could be sustained but go undetected for … [Read more...]

Should I Accept The Check From The Faulty Driver?

When you have been in hit by a faulty driver in a traffic accident, it can be tempting to accept a check on the scene or shortly thereafter from their insurance company. However, as the old adage goes, “quick money is not always good money.” If … [Read more...]

Essential Car Accident Etiquette Every Driver Needs To Know

Over the past three years, approximately 40,000 people died in the US due to a fatal road accident, according to the National Safety Council. Experts blame the high fatality rate on driver behavior, particularly those who practice aggressive driving … [Read more...]