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February 23, 2018

For Sale – Ford GT40 Group 4 (1966) or De Tomaso Mangusta ZF-Synchroma Gearbox

For Sale Genuine 1966 Ford GT40 Group 4 or early De Tomaso Mangusta ZF-Synchroma 5 DS-25 5-Speed Gearbox

1st: 2.23/1
2nd: 1.61/1
3rd: 1.21//1
4th: 0.96/1
5th: 0.81/1
Reverse 2.36/1
Final Drive 4.22/1


ZF Transmission for GT40

PRICE: $9,500.00 USD (Buyer pays Shipping Costs and all corresponding U.S. Custom Duties Import Expenses)

Location: Lima, Peru – South America

Contact: Rodolfo by email – click here

ZF-Synchroma Gearbox

ZF Transmission for GT40

ZF Transmission for GT40

ZF Transmission for GT40

More photos of this ZF-Synchroma Gearbox are in the slide show below

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  1. Wayne Watkins says:

    Makes you wonder when I paid A$8500 for my complete red Mangusta car , road registered & in perfect condition late 70’s . Best things about these Italian cars were their German transaxle & American engine , plus Giugiaro designed body . But with Italian electrics and a 32/68 weight distribution , they were a nightmare to drive . In a straight line they were brilliant .

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