My Car Quest

March 21, 2019

The Sunday Funny Pages – No. 1



My Car Quest Cartoon

Let us know what you think in the Comments – like it or not let me know.



This comic was originally published in December 2014.

The Sunday Funny Pages -  No. 1
Article Name
The Sunday Funny Pages - No. 1
Do cars and girls go together?


  1. http://Ron%20Greem says

    The AM needs a wheel alignment RIGHT AWAY!! The woman seems to be adequately aligned already.

  2. http://TonyO says

    Wheel alignment?
    Its worse that that, it’s broke Captain!

    Think the top link has gone (and probably about to go on the other one too).

  3. http://Raymond%20Zinn says

    In this day and age, all I can say is you’re lucky there are no SJW around, 😉

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