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March 31, 2023

The Stout Scarab


  1. Gabriele Spangenberg says

    Thia is absolutely amazing. Is John Tjaarda Tom's father?Beautiful!!!

  2. looks 'toasteresque' đŸ™‚

    very cool!

  3. Mike Gulett says

    Yes John is Tom's father. The Scarab has a unique style, I wish there were more in existence.

  4. This has to be about the first use of the entire width as interior space. It seems so obvious today.

    The fiberglass car was the last one, postwar, seen at the Gilmore Red Barns, near Kalamazoo:

  5. Mike Gulett says


    I have not seen this version before. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dante Mallet says

    It's surprising to see what the first minivan looked like. The design is good, but the fact that only 9 were produced is more amazing. I wonder if one still exists.

  7. Erwin Calverley says

    I agree that the first minivan looked like a beetle. Personally, I like the design myself. It's not bad to dream about driving this, right?

  8. Mike Gulett says

    Dante – there is at least one Stout Scarab left.

    Erwin – I think this would be a great drive with plenty of interior room.

  9. There is at least one, which I just saw today (1st time) and it is just about perfect… silver color, a custom steering wheel with custom chrome trim around the seat's edges… uniquely very cool!
    It's in a collision shop in Pontiac, MI…
    I'm going to try and photograph it tomorrow…

  10. Mike Gulett says

    If you do get photos I would be very happy to publish them on My Car Quest with credit to you.

    My email address is:

  11. I was wrong (after doing a little research for images)… The steering wheel and seat chrome isn't "custom" at all, it's ORIGINAL stuff… what an awesome car!

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