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May 30, 2024

Power Steering For The Iso Grifo

by Mike –

Last year I decided that I wanted power steering on the Iso Grifo because my driveway is very tight and what should be a three point turn around was a nine point turn around in the Grifo.

Iso Grifo steering wheel

Iso Grifo Steering Wheel Before the Change

I contacted a Dutch company, EZ Electric Power Steering. They have been making electric power steering for classic cars such as Jaguar and Mercedes for many years. They had just completed developing their product for the Iso Rivolta GT and were planning to make a version for the Grifo. EZ Electric Power Steering was on the Innovation of the Year shortlist of the international Historic Motoring Awards in 2011.

They install an electric motor in the steering column which provides the power steering. They create a new steering column from scratch to look identical to the original, as long as you do not look under the dash and see the electric motor.

Iso Grifo steering wheel

The New Steering Column With Electric Motor

I bought the first version for the Iso Grifo. The good news is that it works great and exceeds my expectations. The bad news is that I had to go through several custom changes to get it just right.

The work was performed by Scott at Borelli Motor Sports in San Jose who became an expert at removing and installing a Grifo steering column because he did it at least three times.

Iso Grifo interior

We also had to do some custom machining to fit the electric switch disk properly for the horn and lights that are controlled from the steering wheel.

Iso Grifo Steering Columns

The Two Steering Columns

Iso Grifo steering wheel

Waiting To Be Installed

And we had to make a custom mounting bracket to mount the steering column to the firewall. This took a couple of iterations to get the angle of the steering column like the original.

Iso Grifo Steering Wheel

Iso Grifo Steering Wheel After The Change

Iso Grifo horn button

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  1. sei cilindri says

    Nice to see it in the car

    It was my car they used to do some measurements for the columm of your car. (Ez pws is a company we supply some stuff to and is only 60 odd km from here)

    I have had some other cars done by them and have ordered a pws for my own Grifo too so glad to hear yours is succesful

    Sei cilindri

    • Thank you for helping EZ Elect. Power Steering or else I may not have it installed in my Grifo. It does work great.

  2. Likewise. Eps had been installed in 313 and we are now modifying the wheel position. They are an excellent company.

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