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May 24, 2024

A Ghia 450SS Encounter In Spain

by Mike –

By email from Julian Wolfendale from a little village in Buckinghamshire, England

Read your post on the Ghia 450SS, great stuff!

I knew I’d seen one, so I trawled through my box of old photo’s in the loft and found this shot, taken in Marbella in 1994.

Ghia 450SS

Ghia 450SS in Marbella, Spain – 1994

The interior was different on this one and though sadly I don’t have any more pics, I’m sure the seats looked like they had been taken from a Citroen SM, sort of 60’s space age things. I also recall the paint finish wasn’t all that good.

On the same holiday, just down the road from Bel Air Motors I saw a small shop front, with one of those coach built pink Bentley estates, with the chrome roof rails, and a lovely 80’s V8 speedboat in rainbow colours. After staring longingly through the window for a while, I was invited in.

It was the front to a hangar like warehouse, owned by the brother of the king of Morocco. It was like Aladdin’s cave. Rows of cars stretched off into the gloom, all gathering dust. There were most marques represented with at least 2 cars, from the 60’s up to the 80’s. Unfortunately their only stipulation was ‘No Photo’s’- Shame.

I have no idea if it, or Bel Air Motors is still there, as the friends I visit have moved elsewhere on the Costa now and I rarely bother to go into Marbella anymore.


Yes it is a shame about the “no photo” policy, I am sure they had their “good reasons”. I believe that is a Maserati Ghibili sitting near the Ghia 450SS and there are some other interesting cars in the showroom.

Bel-Air is the name of a residential community near Beverly Hills, where all of these Ghia 450SSs were originally sold. It is where the really rich people live in the Beverly Hills area. So what a shock when I saw this photo of a 450SS and a Ghibli sitting in front of Bel-Air Motors!

Thank you Julian for sending this in, very interesting.

We should all note that Julian had to find this picture, scan it and email it to me. Well done.


  1. Hi Julian,

    What a nice story to read .
    Because of the 450 ss which I am restoring one , I read this article.
    Now it happens that I bought many years ago a pink rolls shooting brake with pink leather and chrome roof rack.
    The dutch owner I bought it from told me the car was sold new to a prince for his wife and the car was before residing in … Marbella .
    The car is still in brand new original condition , and since it is pink , only my wife with the family drives it sometimes , with me …..sitting next to it.
    I will try to attach some pictures of it.
    Greetings Alexander

    • Alexander,

      You can load the pictures in the Forum – start a new topic.

      • Hi Mike ,

        I Will send you a separate pictures mail with THE Rolls schooting Brake brake who was probably the neighbor car of the 450 ss .
        Lois , what do you think is different on your 450ss of the “regular” one ?
        I am always interested to learn , do you know any history of a blue Monteverdi 375 L I bought in Barcelona( sold new there ) over 20 years ago , we are also restoring this car finally now .

        Greetings Alexander

        • David Santamans says

          Hi Oet59 (Alexander Oet??)

          I know your Monteverdi 375, if it’s a blue one with registration in Barcelona.

  2. loïs de Jorna says

    I am very interested by your post as I am the new owner of this yellow Ghia 450 SS!
    Could you give me the contact of Julian Wolfendale?
    This car was a motor show one and is a bit different from the whole other 450 SS.
    I am very excited to meet your website and your paper on this car.
    Many thanks,
    Loïs de Jorna

  3. Alexander – send photos to me by email at

  4. Hi Alexander,

    to answer you the 450 SS is a very early one, number 6 on 52. What is mainly different is the front boot without any air intake. It has also a sky hard top different from all others I saw (what are painted). Finally, it has no soft top and no hoop: the car was probably quickly ended for motor shows!

    Incredible car the Monteverdi, I don’t know anything on it but if you send me some details, I can ask!

    Mike, could you give Alexander’s contact?

    Many thanks


  5. Wallace Wyss says

    I wrote about finding a 450/SS in Studio City,CA in my book Incredible Barn Finds. Basically that came about as I ran an ad picturing one and a lady called me up and told me she had one but couldn’t see me until Saturday when she expected to be done editing a movie. But I showed up on Wed night with a noisy flatbed truck and a cashier’s check and she sold it. Then Friday I got an angry call from a guy who had agreed to wait until Saturday but I had no sympathy for him because he was an LA Times pressman who would go around buying cars from ads that weren’t going to show up in the paper until Sunday, thus depriving all who read those ads of first crack at the car.

    I am still looking for word of what happened to the first Ghia 450/SS which had different taillights than all the rest, and was possibly a manual shift. I heard Burt Sugarman is still flitting about in his bizjet, enjoying skiing at age 80-plus. More power to him!

  6. Jim MacDougald says

    I’m researching Ghia 230/S and 450/SS. I have BS4008. Need info on serial numbers, locations of cars today (I am in Florida), and if you have a Ghia 450/SS:
    SN? Is it titled ’66 or ’67? Does it have hood scoop? Type of transmission? Wood or leather dash? Single exhaust, drivers side (maybe with 2 outlets), or dual exhausts (on on each side)? A/C? Vinyl hard top? Or painted?

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