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December 1, 2023

My Favorite Comments On My Car Quest

by Mike –

Here is one my favorite comments from My Car Quest. This was from the post Ferrari 250 Le Mans.

Ferrari 250 LM

Ferrari 250 LM


“At $15K, the LM was out of reach for most Americans at the time. An acquaintance of mine had one back then and used it as a daily driver along with his 275GTB. He lived on the beach near Topanga and had a beautiful French girlfriend. What a life!”

Stephen Mitchell

“What a life indeed. I know that $15K in 1966 was the cost of a house! But it is still interesting to see how certain cars have appreciated and others that cost the same in 1966 may not have appreciated nearly as much.”

Mike Gulett

Share your comments with us. Life is so much more interesting when we share experiences.

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  1. Lovely reminiscences thinking of that car, the beach house and the French girl…

    Thinking of what it all cost back then brings tears!

  2. sewa mobil jakarta says

    Very nice car, thanks for the information.

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