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May 25, 2024

Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster

by Mike –

I did not think that anyone could make the Jaguar E-Type more beautiful and exciting than the original design. But Eagle E-Types in England has done just that.

Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster

Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster

Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster

They are experts at restoring E-Types and they have taken it to the next level of modernization, performance and style. All customized to their customers desires.

Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster interior

Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster

The all-aluminium 4.7 litre XK engine combined with an aluminium gearbox and aluminium differential, results in a substantial decrease in weight, down to only 1008 kg (2,222 pounds)!

Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster

This beauty was at the Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours On The Avenue on August 16, 2011.

Let us know in the comments if you like this update to the XKE or if you prefer the original.

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Jaguar Eagle E-Type Speedster logo


  1. ~ the changes are both subtle & distinctive, there is no mistaking the DNA.
    . here are a couple more views on YouTube slide show;
    . and E-type and Eagle Speedster- Top Gear BBC
    Clarkson goes wild for the Eagle.

  2. It takes a brave person to take an iconic and classic design like the E-type and ‘refresh’ it. They have turned one of my favourite classics into a stunning work of art. No attempt to make it ‘over the top’, simple and tasteful refinements that puts in class of its own. Details are well thought out and blend seamlessly into the original design. Unfortunately, after seeing photos of this Jag, I will never look at the original in the same way.

  3. Simply stunning, elegant and well presented.

  4. Not bad, the interior is a little over done and I think they should have removed the tail lights and replaced them with something small and simple.

    • How about the tail lights from a Corvair like on the Raymond Loewy custom XKE?

      • frenched would be a bit too hot rod for me. I thing the tail lights should be small Bee hive style. The cleaner the better like an Italian hand swept over it stripping it to race . Thinking like Abarth or Speedster-ish

        Interior is too busy, no door panels, just simple pulls and all leather baseball stitched. The area behind the seats and the center tunnel should be in black diamond pattern. this gives the interior balance. You want to give it a factory look rather than a over the top hot rod look. Hot rods tend to take a good thing but never know when to stop.

        Headlight rings back to chrome

        I would paint it white with a BRG stripe. Straight BRG would be good too.


  5. I am sorry but I don’t like any modification on classic cars, especially on iconic models like the E-Type. In my opinion they must always be restored to original specs or at most with “historic” modifications like vintage performance parts commonly used in the same period of the car.

  6. Excellent interpretation of the iconic car. Exterior is beautiful. Would like to see it in BRG with same interior color. I also feel that keeping the original tail lights creates a wonderful tie-in to the original design. I like the emblems on the hood and deck lid. One thing I would probably avoid are the front side marker lamps, unless they are combinations of side lamps and turn signals. Even so, the turn signals could have been incorporated into the headlamp area or in the grille opening…

  7. The car is nothing short of spectacular, and presumably reflects the good taste of the owner and builder. Had I built the car would I have made some different choices, perhaps, but what has been done is extraordinary and praise worthy. I applaud the owner and builder for their thoughtful process, their decisions, and the obviously high build quality. Is it over done? Perhaps, for some folks, but I do not believe so, I think it is rich in its balance of design elegance and luxury befitting such a car. Kudos !

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