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December 8, 2023

Help Wanted

by Mike –

I have received these two messages below from readers who are looking for some help from other My Car Quest readers. If you can help then contact the person indicated.

Television Show Participation

We are developing a new television program for the real classic car person who works on their own classic. If you are interested in participating in this new effort please contact me, Jeffrey Green, at

Jeffrey Green

Sterling Edwards Race Car

My son and I need some help with a school report. We are researching the Sterling Edwards R-26 and R-62 race cars. We have searched the Internet and are having the most trouble getting info on the second race car prototype that was built (R-62). Any ideas, contacts or connections would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You !!

Jack Smith – Email:


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  1. The Edwards car should be right up My Car Quest’s alley. Edwards America a very interesting manufacturer right in your neighborhood.

  2. ~ @ Jack Smith,
    it is possible Geoff Hacker may have some background information on Forgotten Fiberglass. check there; and search the archive. best of luck.
    i’m particularly pleased that your son and yourself find shared interest in classics and he has chosen the topic to research and write about. there is hope for American youth after all.

    • ~ Jack, i found at least 8 articles which may contain historic record on the cars you have mentioned. good reading, many pictures. as busy as Geoff is i would not be surprised if he would make time to help you if he possibly can.

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