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June 22, 2024

Huge Price Reduction! – Campagnolo Magnesium Wheels – Originally On An Iso Lele



The price per wheel is now 700 pounds sterling reduced from 850 pounds sterling. The buyer is responsible for shipping and any shipping insurance.

These Series 2 Iso wheels are in very good condition but they do need to be restored.

They are Campagnolo magnesium wheels originally shipped on an Iso Lele.

All four wheels have the center hub cover with the Griffon logo.

These rare and beautiful wheels are located in the UK.

Size: 7 x 15 inches

Contact Phillip at this email address:

Iso Lele wheels

Iso Lele wheels

Iso Lele wheels

Iso Lele wheels

Iso Lele wheels

Iso Lele wheels

Iso Lele wheels


If you want one or all of these special wheels then contact Phillip at this email address:



  1. Chris. Blewett says

    Hi ,we are interested in the ISO Lele wheels .
    Not sure where you are ( cost of shipping etc ) We are in the U.K.
    Regards Chris

    • Chris Blewett says

      Started thinking of those wheels again!
      I have been advised that we will need new ones made ( due to their age)
      If they are still available do you have a price in mind that you would accept?
      Regards. Chris

    • 805 6305878 I have a set

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