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May 22, 2024

Two 1965 Ford GT40 Roadsters – One Was Lost And Found

by Mike –

Chassis No. 108

Ford GT40 chassis No. 108 was the first of four roadster bodied GT prototypes built by Ford Advanced Vehicles. Along with its sister car, chassis No. 109, it was sent to Carroll Shelby for testing.

Ford GT40 Roadster

It served as a test-bed for the ZF gearbox that would replace the Coletti on the production cars. Today it is the only GT Roadster that has survived in largely original condition and is the only one of the GT prototypes that still has the original nose. Notice the front of this GT40 looks different than other GT40s.

Ford GT40 Roadster

Ford GT40 Roadster engine

Ford GT40 Roadster

Ford GT40 Roadster

Ford GT40 Roadster interior

Ford GT40 Roadster

Ford GT40 Roadster

Chassis No. 111

Chassis No. 111, the next to the last Ford GT prototype built and the third out of four Roadsters, was entered in the 1965 Le Mans Trials. Driven by John Whitmore, it was the sixth fastest.

Ford GT40 Roadster

The Targa Florio was next, driven by John Whitmore and Bob Bondurant. Bondurant had a serious accident in this race and this GT Roadster was not repaired for many years. This race car was believed to have been destroyed for decades until recently it was uncovered and now has been completely restored.

Ford GT40 Roadster

This was a missing race car for many years similar to the Iso Grifo/Bizzarrinis from Sebring 1965 but these two cars, or the one car assembled for the two cars, are still missing.

Ford GT40 Roadster

This GT40 was offered for sale at the RM Auction at The Villa d’Este Auction in May 2011 and did not sell at a high bid of €2,100,000.

Ford GT40 Roadster

Which of these two Ford GT40 Roadsters do you think are more valuable?

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  1. georgeg20 says

    I believe the key word here is ‘original’. The #108 car is what may be considered a ‘survivor’. As we all know, a car can only be original just once. Although I prefer the race proven car for its place in the annals of history.

  2. speedbiker1 says

    Mike, why do you suppose they built it right hand drive? I spoke with Ron Fournier and he remembers building these cars in Detroit.

  3. Most circuits (particularly Le Mans) run clockwise. If you sit on the right, you can see the corner apex better.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, ALL of the racing GT-40’s were RHD. Only the MkIII ‘street’ versions were built with some LHD for the North American market.

  5. Saw both of the “roadsters” at Goodwood. Nice enough cars. Like most “collector” cars today, wildly over-valued. Frankly I find the X1 and the Mark III versions much more interesting.

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