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June 21, 2024

The Iso Fidia From California Has Arrived In Norway

by Mike –

“The World’s Four Fastest Seats” was the Iso marketing slogan for the Fidia, the body style is by Giorgetto Giugiaro when he was with Ghia and the power is by Ford.

This Iso Fidia was sold by a My Car Quest reader in Southern California to a My Car Quest reader in Norway. Isn’t the Internet wonderful?

Iso Fidia

The Iso Fidia Arrives in Norway

The new owner has returned from his summer holiday and sent in this report, plus photos and a video.

Iso Fidia

The Iso Fidia Is In There

Text, photos and video by Knut Thomas Tjelta

Finally after nearly three months of waiting I received a message that my car, Iso Fidia #169 had arrived. It was sharing a container with three solid American cars, so I was a bit concerned about what they had done to a fragile Italian Lady.

Iso Fidia

Iso Fidia

Iso Fidia

As real American Gentlemen they had treated her well, and after some work she was ready to unload and I was able to see what a few dollars had given me. Everybody asked “what is it?”, “Iso – what?”, and looked inside at the brown corduroy interior swearing that anyone who had ordered an interior like that probably signed the papers after consuming a lot more than Jim Beam.

I was forgiving them for not knowing, connected the battery and fired her up. After a quick stop at the gas-station I had about 50 miles to my home. Everything went fine, and the Fidia is now sharing the garage with her siblings, Grifo #021 and a GT1300 Junior. Even though different, like most children, they have the same father, Giorgetto Giugiaro!

Thank you Mike for “My Car Quest”, there is always some interesting stuff to read.

Iso Fidia


I appreciate being appreciated. I noticed there are still a couple of months left on the California license plates – probably doesn’t matter in Norway but in California that is free money!

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Iso Fidia Interior

Iso Fidia Interior


  1. Grifo4me says

    Well bought, one of the best Fidia’s it looks like it went to a good home. What else is in that container?

    • What à fantastic seventies interior ! Nice to see that the cloth has leather on the side .
      I see it is a five speed , so it is a later one , probably ford 351 engine or ?
      Can you post some more pictures of the interior ?
      The one I drive is a gold metallic with cream interior , 327 cu 4 spd , great car for long distance driving ( with the family)
      Happy Iso’ing
      Ps mike , can you help me out to post some pictures ( as promised before )

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