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June 21, 2024

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale At Auction – Sold!

by Mike –

This Iso Rivolta GT sold at auction in the UK for 29,325 pounds sterling ($47,278) (35,032 Euros). This is the top end of the auction company estimate.

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

A very strong price indeed considering the condition. This result supports what I said in my original Post,

Overall if this Iso Rivolta is what it appears to be then the price range could represent a good buy even considering the amount needed to get it in proper condition. The Iso Rivolta GT has been appreciating.

The Hagerty Price Guide lists a condition 4 1970 Iso Rivolta GT at $27,100 – the actual selling price was 74% higher.

This car was built in 1965 but the price guide list the same price for a 1965 as a 1970.

I wonder if the altimeter helped get the price up?

Perhaps Iso Rivolta GT prices are rising as fast as Iso Grifo prices did 2-3 years ago?

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Iso Rivolta GT For Sale At Auction - Sold!
Article Name
Iso Rivolta GT For Sale At Auction - Sold!
This rare Iso Rivolta GT brings a strong price at auction in the UK.

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