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October 1, 2022

Drifting A Toyota 2000GT – Worth About $1 Million

by Mike –

A lot of classic car owners will, quite understandably, treat their prized possession like it’s their baby – they will wrap it up and keep it safe from the world. In this protective mindset, it’s all too easy to forget that it’s still a four-wheeled sturdy metal beast that is designed to be driven.

Toyota 2000GT

Well one Japanese driver and owner of a beautiful Thunder Silver Toyota 2000GT classic certainly hasn’t forgotten what his pride and joy is for! The video below shows off the 2000GT in all of its shapely glory as the eager driver throws it around an empty parking lot with skilfully controlled drifts. I viewed it with a mixture of admiration and trepidation at each screeching power slide. Enjoy!

The beautifully throaty engine notes are a joy to listen to as this Toyota 2000GT was put through its paces. Perhaps it was made even more special due to the fact that it will become even rarer to see this kind of action from a Toyota classic sports car due to its skyrocketing increase in value.

Toyota 2000GT

Only last May a similar 1967 Toyota 2000GT was sold at auction for a massive $1,155,000 US. Considering that the auction house expected sale price was estimated at between $650,000 and $850,000, you can see how the demand for classic Toyotas has apparently been underestimated.

Toyota 2000GT Interior

That particular auction was one for the record books as it was the highest price ever fetched by a classic Japanese supercar. Its performance turned quite a few heads as it significantly exceeded expectations, potentially spelling good news for other owners of Japanese made classics who are looking to sell. Otherwise if you’re looking to invest in either new or used cars from the beloved Japanese manufacturer then look no further for a Toyota at

While I love to see classic cars beautifully restored, maintained and generally well cared for, I can’t help but be inspired by the sight of one of these supercars being let off the leash. The video shows exactly what one of these veteran powerhouses can do with a skilled and slightly audacious driver behind the wheel.

With any luck, videos like this one will inspire a few other classic car owners to let their blood pump a little faster and give their prized collection piece a spin! However, if that’s your line of thinking, please always do so in a safe and controlled environment.

The yellow 2000GT shown here was sold at auction in August 2013 in Monterey for $935,000. These are the two highest prices ever paid for a Toyota 2000GT. I sense a trend here.

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Toyota 2000GT

This Toyota 2000GT sold at auction in August 2013 in Monterey for $935,000

Drifting A Toyota 2000GT - Worth About $1 Million
Article Name
Drifting A Toyota 2000GT - Worth About $1 Million
The Toyota 2000GT was the first true sports car to come from Japan and now the price has skyrocketed and this driver is drifting his 2000GT!


  1. Mike, thank you for putting up this video. A great morning boost to my cup of Java. Now that I’ve seen the 2000GT in action, I gained a whole new level of respect. The high price watermark seems to be much more justified than before (for me).

  2. Thomas Ollinger says

    Okay Michael, your turn to make a video. We want to hear that small block at full throttle!

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