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June 16, 2024

Sunbeam Alpine For Sale – California Car – The First Owner Kept It For 47 Years!

by Michael Gulett –

The Sunbeam Alpine is a British car model with a history going back to 1953. Sunbeam was owned by the Rootes Group from 1935 until 1968 when the Rootes Group was acquired by Chrysler. Chrysler discontinued the Alpine model.

The Alpine Series I through V was primarily sold to the US market and had a successful racing history.

Sunbeam Alpine For Sale

1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series V

Make: Sunbeam
Model: Alpine Series V
Year: 1967
Chassis number: 395010003 LRX
Exterior: Dark Green #86
Interior: Black vinyl
Engine: Original engine that was rebuilt in the early 1990’s, 1,000 miles since rebuild – it runs great
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Factory removable hard top and soft top (the soft top is not installed and probably needs to be replaced)
Odometer: 91,621 miles
Never restored, very original – an amazing time capsule
Absolutely no rust
Always a Southern California car
California title is being processed
Number made: Approximately 70,000 – Series I through V and approximately 20,000 Series V

Sunbeam Alpine For Sale

The seller says,

Last February, I purchased this Sunbeam Alpine in Southern California from the original owner. He purchased it in Pasadena, California from Vincent’s Motors. The owner loved and cherished his little Alpine for over 47 years.

The original owner said he had one of his hippie buddies do the pinstriping back in the day.

In 1990 he rebuilt the 90,000 mile engine and drove it for 1,000 miles and then parked it.

Very original Sunbeam with 50 to 60% original paint. Recent work includes:

* Fuel system: rebuilt carburetors, cleaned out fuel tanks and cross over tube, new fuel pump, replace plastic fuel line with 5/16 steel fuel line

* Cooling system work: new water pump, re-cored radiator, hot-tanked heater core & pressure tested, all new rubber hoses

* Brake work: rebuilt front calipers with new stainless steel pistons, new rear wheel cylinders, new rear brake shoes, new flex hoses, some new steel brake lines, new master cylinder, rebuilt brake booster, rebuilt clutch master cylinder, new clutch slave cylinder

* The oil cooler was removed and ultrasonic cleaned and new hoses installed

* The points, condenser, rotor, cap, plug wires, and spark plugs have been replaced

The original wheels were removed back in the day and American Racing Silverstone magnesium wheels were installed, even the spare wheel. It also has four original Koni shocks. A recent compression test measured: #1 175 #2 175 #3 175 #4 175.

Sunbeam Alpine For Sale

Sunbeam Alpine For Sale

No front end or rear end damage, however, there are some noticeable dings and a few dents like the right left quarter panel, just ahead of the taillight. Both rear quarter panels have been re-sprayed.

I was told by the former owner he had the rear wheel arches re-radiused, which necessitated re-spraying the rear quarter panels. The right door and part of the right front fender have also been re-sprayed. The hood, trunk lid, left front fender and hardtop have original paint. The trunk area and engine compartment have original paint.

I purchased new rubber seals and Plexiglas windows for the hardtop. I have also purchased suspension bushings and front ball joints.

A Sunbeam Alpine with a 47 year first owner is certainly rare and this British sports car will deliver a lot of fun for the money!

See all the photos in the slide show below.

Sunbeam Alpine Race Car

Sunbeam Alpine


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  1. Richard Truesdell says

    While these photos are better than many that accompany ads on eBay or Craigslist, it still amazes me that when selling a car with this kind of asking price, that the owner doesn’t take more care in cleaning up the car and having it properly photographed. Am I alone in in thinking this to be the case?

    At least it’s not covered in dirt and pigeon poop and claimed to have been found in a barn.

    • It is what it is very original. I couldn’t buy it because I would get tired of hearing ” too bad it’s not a tiger”.

  2. IsoBizzaGrifo says

    This was my first convertible in High School: Red over Black hides. Had a set of glass packs that made it sound like a 283. Loved that car. Threw a rod through the block a 80 mph on the 405 heading back to LA from SD

    • IsoBizzaGrifo,

      Maybe a green Alpine is in your future? Don’t we all want the cars from our youth? This one has been very well cared for.

  3. Mike, thanks for doing a story on a Sunbeam, for such a prolific manufacturer one does not see many mentions especially about the Alpine. I agree with Richard on the clean up when selling a car and you with your comment about not being a Tiger. The Alpine is a fun and well balanced car with much better ride quality than its British contemporaries, no need for a huge lump over the front axle to screw with the handling just to go faster in straight line.
    I have a 1967 Sunbeam Alpine that I purchased from the original owner in 1979; the car is achingly original with 41,500 miles now. My car has the Chrysler Pentastar on the right front fender below the script Alpine and the “1725” insignia, the feature car does not have a Pentastar, I am curious if the Pentastar was added mid point in the 1967 model year…..any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for raising the Rootes Group flag.

  4. David Grant says


    Thank you for posting the ad for my 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series 5 on My Car Quest. I appreciate the comments some of your readers have posted. I hope prospective buyers can get an honest appraisal of its condition. I am glad this Sunbeam is not a Tiger, because someone would come a long and say, “too bad it is not a 289 Cobra.” The other 289 Ford powered British sports car. It looks like the F Production Champion also had a set of these rare, American Racing Silverstone magnesium wheels, with the two different offsets, for the disc brakes in the front, and the drum brakes in the rear.

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