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July 17, 2024

For Sale – 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV Mario Andretti Limited Edition – See New Price


by Michael Gulett –

Alfa Romeo has always been a leader in styling and with the 1974 Alfetta GT/GTV designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at ItalDesign that continued. This angular shape was a trend setter in the 1970s and is still very stylish today.

The Alfa Romeo GTV for sale here is number 83 of the 150 Mario Andretti Limited Edition.

This is a beautiful car that makes a statement and is easy to drive and care for. It is classic yet modern at the same time.

1976 Alfa Romeo GTV Mario Andretti Limited Edition – For Sale

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

Text and photos by Maya

Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: GTV Mario Andretti Limited Edition
Year: 1976
VIN: 116290004070
Exterior: Silver
Interior: Black
Engine: Original
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Odometer: 46,700 miles, approximately
Air Conditioning
Number made: 150 of the Mario Andretti Limited Edition

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

The Alfetta was the base for the GTV, a fastback coupé version of the saloon, introduced in 1974 as Alfetta GT, initially available only with the 1.8-litre (1,779 cc) version of the Alfa DOHC four-cylinder.

These engines featured a chain driven 8-valve twin overhead cam cylinder head of cross-flow design. For 1976, with the final phasing out of the earlier 105 Series 1.3 and 1.6-litre coupés (GT 1300 Junior and GT 1600 Junior) and the 2.0-litre 105 series 2000 GTV, the Alfetta GT became a range, also available with the 1.6-litre (1,570 cc) and 2.0-litre (1,962 cc) versions of the same engine as the Alfetta GT 1.6, Alfetta GT 1.8 and Alfetta GTV 2000.

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

The GTV designation was initially reserved for the 2.0-litre top version. The prime pick here may be the special Mario Andretti Signature Edition with rear spoiler, free-flow Ansa exhaust, Koni shocks, autographed dash plaque — and loud red carpeting.

This 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV

This 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV is a limited edition Mario Andretti car. Only 150 of these cars were given the Andretti signatures and flag stripes in honor of his piloting the T33 sports. The silver paint and decals are all original and the injected engine runs well.

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

The interior is all stock and the signature split gauge clusters are in great shape. The car has air conditioning and shows 46,689 original miles to date. The early cars like this one have the more vintage interiors and minimalist trim and taillights compared to later models.

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

Some minor rust in the spare tire well. None noted in the rocker panels & around tires. The “rust” indeed appears to be the “tectyl” stuff they used for rustproofing in Europe. This car has brand spanking new interior. Recently detailed, California smoged and passed the first time! New shocks, braking system perfect. Just completed oil change and liquids flushed.

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

Hatchback shock is original and does not hold the door up, so it can be changed out to modern specs, or left original. Original manual transmission. Still has the original radio with tape deck and TV-like antenna!

This is a rare Alfa Romeo with the Mario Andretti brand that is stylish, a great color combination and for sale!

Location: Burbank, California USA

Contact: Maya – Email: Telephone: 818-209-2029

See all the photos in the two slide shows below.

Alfa Romeo Logo


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For Sale - 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV Mario Andretti Limited Edition
Article Name
For Sale - 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV Mario Andretti Limited Edition
A rare Mario Andretti Limited Edition 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV is for sale on My Car Quest.


  1. Georgeg20 says

    This is definitely the cleanest Alfetta GT I’ve seen. These are beautiful cars and I personally prefer the Alfetta GT with the Nord engine to the later V6 cars. These are not as fast as their younger brethren but are more tossable in the corners because of the lighter weight upfront as well as much easier and cheaper to upkeep. This car is very nice but for the asking price it needs to be perfect and it isn’t. It isn’t 100% original with the new interior. Why then stop half way and not replace hood insulation and trunk carpeting? The hatch strut should be replaced by the seller with a functioning OE unit. The shocks and exhaust, although nice upgrades, are not OE. I would check very carefully for rust – these were very rust prone and would develop rust while shipped to the US due to ocean salt. Uber clean Alfetta GT of that period tend to run $12-$15k. This car is more than twice the price. Maybe someone who is infatuated with Mario Andretti will step up to the plate here. Having MA name associated with this model and being a limited edition (this is my first time seeing it, I admit) absolutely has added value, but these factors are purely cosmetic and are hardly worth the triple price. BTW, in 1978 Alfa Romeo produced a limited run of Niki Lauda edition Spiders.

  2. I have to admit, I love those. But I love them in a sense I love cheesy 80’s Phil Collins: AS a guilt pleasure. This one is very clean but likely over-priced by a factor of 4 at least. Who cares about a special that was cosmetic in nature and put only lipstick on a …

    For $33k, there are so many other cars and especially Alfa that are better drivers, better looking and a better investment (A 67 GTV, a Duetto, a later GTV, a shabby Giulietta coupe, etc.). Agree with the previous commenter that I would be concerned about rust and some of the sill pics look weird to me but that might be the pic only.

    • “Over-priced by a factor of 4 at least” you say so this Alfa is only worth $8,250? Ha!, I have heard that kind of talk before but yet there have been a few world record prices set on My Car Quest dumbfounding many people.

      • A comment substantiated without any facts. Please show me the last record breaking auction results for a boring GTV like this for that price point and I will show you again what great cars $33k can buy you – sadly, not this. And you might also want to join the party at the AlfaBB. But who are we? We are just Alfa nuts that have owned and known these cars for decades.

      • Georgeg20 says

        Mbaum – double ditto!

  3. Nice car very clean and well presented.

    I have owned a number of Alfa’s over the years and it always amazes me how fast the “Alfa experts ” want to tell you how the world operates. I am sure the “experts” will have a melt down about this at the Alfa Bulletin Board 🙂

    • Georgeg20 says

      It sure is a clean Alfetta coupe but the price is not relative to current market. Your opinion can differ. However, there’s nothing that has been said here that wasn’t said about some of the vehicles posted here prior. With Nord engined Coupes averaging $6k I’d like to know what makes this car worth 5.5 times more.

      • Limited edition, condition, and quantity of cars that remain with both of these qualities. The market is bullish in a big way, maybe too bullish, so the numbers used 6-12 months ago are often outdated.

        Why is a Montreal worth 150-170 K now? These cars were always sub 90K ……market is bullish

        Alfa’s are cars and like it or not they are subject to the whole collector car market up or down.

    • The experts at the AlfaBB don’t have a melt down. They ignore the absurd pricing with a smile on their face … If the seller has that much confidence in this car, and compare it to (ahem …) a Montreal, try putting it in n auction at no reserve and see what happens. Heck, for a laugh, put it on eBay with an absurd reserve and observe where the bidding will stop …

      But it is all good fun.


  4. Georgeg20 says

    Mike, just because a car sells at an auction at a completely unrealistic price it doesn’t mean that what the market price is. A1969 Spider sold for $128k at the RM auction in August 2013. That was a complete fluke – at the time of its sale these cars were barely breaking $20k on the street. Does that mean that overnight the Value of a Series 1 matched that of Giulia SS? The Montreal you are speaking of was sold at a Gooding auction this January, same auction that saw an unrestored 300SL Gullwing sell for $400k more than a completely restored example. Just a mere 3 months before the Montreal sale at Gooding, a beautiful Montreal with fully documented history of ownership and ASI cert sold for about $47k by Alfaholics. Alfaholics are one of top Alfa restorers in the world. Has this auction anomaly helped the Alfa world? Of course – the Series 1 have easily passed the $20k mark and are now at $30k and then some and Montreals are now becoming a $70K car.

    The car we are discussing here, albeit very clean is just another very good (not excellent) condition 116 Coupe. Aside from a plaque on the dash and very sparse number of cosmetic tidbits this is just an ordinary Alfa GTV. In 1978 AR launched a limited production Spider Niki Lauda edition. Aside from the striping and the deck lid spoiler, it was just like any other AR Spider of that time. The limited edition of the model made it to be worth more than a non-Niki Lauda, but by only a very slight margin. The biggest reason is that unlike the GTA, these “limited production” cars can be created using a base car and a set of decals.

    In my initial comment I pointed out why this car is not perfect. The damaged hood insulator, bad lift gate strut, touched up scratches in the paint, soiled trunk trim… I also like to add a deformed rear bumper. And this is just from a brief 5 minutes of looking through the pics and reading the few lines in the description. I am pretty certain that a detailed PPI will add to that list. The car lost its “original condition” status with the new interior and non-OE suspension mods. In my eyes, these mods don’t detract from its value and even dare I say, add to it. However, its value is not even on the same continent as it’s current asking price.

    I too owned a number of Alfas and currently own a 2 owner 1969 Spider Veloce 1750. I have no current plans to sell it but I am ecstatic that AR is becoming a very appreciated marque. I certainly stand to benefit as many of my other Alfisti brethren.

  5. Gooding 2013 90K

    Gooding at 176K

    Hagerty guide lists them at 100K

    Sure you can buy them cheaper, but lets face it the majority of Montreals are A. not running B. incomplete / not up to show standards, missing parts or need repair, so there are hundreds of “bargain” Montreals out there. There are so many bargains I’m not sure if there are more Montreals or Alfa 2600’s sitting in disrepair 🙂

    As far as the Alfa listed above is concerned it is presented well and although it may not meet your standards it’s a excellent car that a lot of collectors would love to own. I follow Iso and Bizzarrini’s and can nit pick almost any car out there, but I do understand that the market looks at these cars in a different way than a lot of long term enthusiasts do. This was evident when both a Grifo and Bizzarrini broke all time highs, yet the cars were anything but original, as noted in Mike’s past article’s

    When you have a strong market and new enthusiasts a lot of the old rules and standards are broken.

  6. Any bites?

  7. Suzi Quall says

    I have this same car sitting out on my back patio. Mine is worse for wear though. I want to sell to someone who wants to restore, or for parts. Not sure what to ask. This one here is pristine. Mine has some small touches of rust, but inside is not good. Needs to be rescued from WI winters. Did this car here sell?? Mine is around 126/150. Has not been driven for 7 years.

  8. Suzi Quall says

    I know nothing about cars, it was my brother’s, he passed away and left this and an Alfa engine and a few parts. Could anyone here help steer me as to a price and where to sell it??

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