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April 15, 2024

Coming Attractions – Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

by Mike –

Rare cars are well, rare. There are very few running Iso Rivolta GTs for sale now in the world and none as far as I know in North America – until this one, which will be for sale soon on My Car Quest – so stay tuned.

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

Coming Soon – Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

The Iso Rivolta GT was praised by the motoring press when it was first introduced in 1962 and has been loved by enthusiasts ever since.

Iso Rivolta GT

Even though there were 799 examples made originally – far, far less survive today in usable condition. They have appreciated in value over the past few years as have all Iso models. But the cost of restoring a non-running Iso Rivolta GT to excellent condition can be more than the car is worth when done – even with the rapid recent price appreciation.

This makes the few high quality Iso Rivolta GT cars for sale even more valuable because they can be driven and enjoyed immediately. And they will likely continue to appreciate as the owner has fun driving and showing a very rare car.

Watch this space – an Iso Rivolta GT will be for sale here soon.

Let me know if you have a serious interest in owning an Iso Rivolta GT.

Iso 4.1

Iso 2.5

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Coming Attractions - Iso Rivolta GT For Sale
Article Name
Coming Attractions - Iso Rivolta GT For Sale
An Iso Rivolta GT will be for sale soon on My Car Quest.


  1. I’m definitely interested in a GT so I’m excited to see what’s coming up for sale.

  2. Hi Mike.
    Put me down as very interested.

    Hope all is going great for you, especially with the new Iso. She is a beautiful thing.

  3. Mark Fleege says

    I’d be interested in getting more info on the Rivolta GT.

  4. I am very interested. Please provide details.


  5. Brian Williams says

    With all the pre-sale interest, perhaps the GT has been sold?

  6. john clarke says

    I had a ’63 Rivolta & a ’65 Grifo; much prefered the coupe. Please put me on the list.

  7. Sophus Bøgeskov Christensen says

    Maybe the car has been sold – put me on the list in case not.

  8. This Iso Rivolta GT will be for sale on My Car Quest Tuesday morning.

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