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March 3, 2024

Iso Grifo GL 350 For Sale – Original Condition Series 1

This rare Iso Grifo has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way from Connecticut, USA to

North Carolina, USA!

Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer.

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by Mike –

This may be the only Iso Grifo for sale in North America now.

The Iso Grifo was based on a shortened Iso Rivolta GT chassis and was introduced at the 1963 show in Turin, Italy.

The Grifo is a beautiful, timeless handmade design that still looks fresh and modern today, styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Bertone. The motoring press loved the Grifo as much as the public did. The Iso Grifo was the fastest production car one could buy in 1966.

1967 Iso Grifo GL 350 For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Make: Iso
Model: Grifo GL 350
Year: 1967
Chassis number: 134
Exterior: Silver
Interior: Black
Engine: 327 cid Chevrolet 350 hp – original engine
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Factory air-conditioning
Borrani wire wheels
Odometer: Approximately 81,100 km (50,400 miles)
Original unrestored condition (some paint touch-up)
Build date: March 21, 1967 – originally delivered to Italy
Clear Mississippi, USA title
Known history: 1980 Dennis Wilson, 1986 Ron Ciardella, 1987 Oliver Kuttner, 1987 to present Carl G. Lopp

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

The owner says,

I have owned Grifo No. 134 since 1987 and that year this Grifo was on the cover of Thoroughbred and Classic Cars. It was used in the 1970’s movie The Violent Professionals and is original and unrestored. Only about 140 cars were made with this engine in this body style out of a total Iso factory production of 412 Grifos.

The car has always started and run beautifully, it has a solid drive train and is a great driving car. It has always been garaged since I’ve owned it.

There are some rust bubbles on the driver door corner, back rear wheel arches and the driver side behind the front wheel arch.

An Iso Grifo does not come on the market very often and the opportunity to own one in original condition is very rare.

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

More photos are in the two slide shows below.

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Iso Grifo GL 350 For Sale - Original Condition Series 1
Article Name
Iso Grifo GL 350 For Sale - Original Condition Series 1
Iso Grifo GL 350 For Sale - Original Condition Series 1


  1. One just cannot keep using a vehicle in Original Condition, FOREVER!!! Comes a Day when U say: “would be great to get a 100% new trim of upholstery.”
    Her past owners kept using the car – not on a daily basis – without investing TOO MUCH.
    Bringing this vehicle to A 9 condition will take an investment of $40,000 to $50,000 Minimum…..

    • Am I missing something or is the ask on the rich side by ~US$100k? Or does this car have some special feature /combination I am unaware of?

      • Joe Phillips says

        Iso’s are in the $400K to $550K range now depending on rarity of the model, condition, restored or original.

    • Simon, I respectfully disagree with you. This Iso is in wonderful original condition. It would be a crime to restore it. It has been oft said that “a car can only be original once”– To take out the factory original upholstery– which is in excellent condition– and replace it with something that is a facsimile of the real thing would be a shame and ultimately will lesson its value. Many cars are “ruined” in the name of getting them into “Concours-like” condition. Not much is needed on this car. I would pay much less for this car in restored condition than it is right now. The car market is changing rapidly regarding the value of original verses restored cars. Congratulations to the seller and buyer!

  2. Darren Frank says

    I remember when Carl bought this car! I have lots of photos of it from the movie, it’s a strong car, very fast, according to Ron Ciardella, former owner. I own a copy of the movie on DVD as well. Will post some photos on Iso Rivolta facebook page. You can also go to


  3. Brian Williams says

    I find it interesting Grifos are valued at four to five times the value of comparable condition Rivoltas.

  4. Nice ok condition and vehicle but time for restoration not many people will pull the trigger to purchase at this price point unless they want a time capsule but still to much asking price.

    • We’ll time this post, mine of similar sentiment didn’t last long! lol. The ask is over the top for comps. IMO

  5. says

    I also presently own both the Iso Grifo and the Rivolta GT.

    The Grifo was in B – condition when I bought it, so I decided to restored it. It took about 2.5 years and close to $500,000 to bring it to a “A” condition. (Nothing is perfect in my mind)

    It has won so many medals and awards that I have lost count. These trophies include a couple of Best in Show. Won first place in the Iso class at The Quail in 2012, it first outing.

    You’d have probably seen my car. It has a silver top and a burgundy body.

    If anyone thinks that you can restore this car at $300,000 to $400,000, I wish you luck.

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