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August 18, 2022

More Photos Of A Team Roosevelt Fiat Abarth

by Mike –

A Comment from Bill Clark on the Fiat Abarth Team Roosevelt Post said his father, Tom Clark, is standing next to the No. 84 car in the photo below. His father raced this car for years and Bill says he lost track of the car in Toledo, Ohio.

Fiat Abarth Team Roosevelt

Fiat Abarth Team Roosevelt

Bill Clark sent in two old photos below, one with him standing next to the No. 84 car in 1960 at Lake Lure in North Carolina.

Fiat Abarth Team Roosevelt

Fiat Abarth Team Roosevelt

Fiat Abarth Team Roosevelt

Bill Clark and Fiat Abarth No. 84 in 1960 – Getting ready to take it around the track?

UPDATE – March 21, 2018

This photo was sent in by Bill Clark.


Found a picture of Tom Clark in his Abarth. Dad was 6ft tall but still fit into the car! Also the grill badge from running Sebring 12hr shortly after buying the car.

Fascinating stuff – send in your cool old photos and let us know what you think in the Comments.

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More Photos Of A Team Roosevelt Fiat Abarth
Article Name
More Photos Of A Team Roosevelt Fiat Abarth
Photos of a Team Roosevelt Fiat Abarth race car from 1960.


  1. Scott Clark says

    Hi, all–I just found this post by chance.

    My name is Scott Clark, and Tom Clark was my stepfather. I remember Bill, who’s my step-brother (if I have that right), but haven’t seen him since I was really young.

    As for the car — an Abarth, which I guess must have been that one, was in our garage in Toledo, OH, in the early 70s. We moved to Florida when I was in first grade, and I honestly have no idea what happened to the car. Tom worked for the Rubini family’s Honda dealership at the time, so maybe somebody there bought the car.

    Not sure if this post is any help, but I just thought I’d say hello and add a few details.


    • Hey Scott
      Glad to hear from you. Hope life has been good to you, Dad loved you an awful lot and was very proud of you. I’m a teacher at central nine career center and living in the Indy area for now. I’ve bought a home in the villages in Florida and will be there in a year or so.

      Bill Clark

  2. have now car no 84 and happy with it . after usa he was winning Liege Rome Liege in 1995 and coup des Sources in 1992 . Now in Abarth Works Museum

  3. UPDATE – March 21, 2018:

    A new photo was sent in by Bill Clark and is posted at the end of this article.

    • Johanna R Tallberg-Carden says

      Hi, Mike.
      I wanted to touch base as I believe the pictures that Bill Clark sent in of the #84 car from 1960 are the same car my fiance, David Lawrence, Sr.’s, father drove for Team Roosevelt through-out 1960. His fathers name was Chandler Lawrence. I’m sure once we find some pictures, if he has any, I will come back and post them.

      • Caelan Mandigo says


        I am looking for information on Team Roosevelt for a research paper. I saw your fiancee’s father’s name pop up in an NYT archive post. Does your family have any additional racing records? My grandfather, Skip Callanan, raced on the team as well, ’59-’61, but we don’t have many records left from him so I’m looking to put the pieces together.


  4. does anyone know if this abarth 750 Monza Zagato record belonged to the roosevelt team car serial number # 531848
    Zagato body number # 228

  5. greeting from Abarth Works Museum Belguim
    Fiat Abarth Record Monza still in racing/ rally

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