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December 9, 2022

Affordable Classic Cars?

by Mike

As classic car prices have increased significantly over the last few years I know many of us feel like we have been priced out of the market for cars that we have lusted after for a long time.

I know that I have been priced out of the market for many cars I would love to drive but that has been the case for me ever since I first became interested in classic cars many years ago. The prices for certain cars that I wanted seemed to appreciate just out of my comfortable reach and some beyond that.

Are there any more classic cars that regular people can afford? I think there are and here are a few I can think of. “Affordable” has a different meaning for different people and their significant others (husbands, wives or partners).

We also have different uses for old classic cars so each car may not be suitable for all uses such as: driving, show, rally, racing or whatever else we can do with these old cars.

Below is a video, really a slide show, of some cars that I think are desirable yet still affordable. This is a list made up of cars that I found as I was searching my photo files so it is not intended to be complete by any means.

In the Comments let us know what other vehicles you think should be on this list.

Watch it on full screen.



Affordable Classic Cars?
Article Name
Affordable Classic Cars?
There are still some affordable classic cars.


  1. the video doesn t work!!

  2. Alfa Duetto, definitely, but better buy one fast!

  3. The 80-87 turbo Esprit, better get one while you still can!!

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