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December 10, 2023

Iso Rivolta GT IR 340 For Sale And Sold

This rare Iso Rivolta GT has been sold on My Car Quest and is moving from Washington to Arizona.

Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer.

by Mike –

Even though there were 799 Iso Rivolta GTs made originally – far less survive today in usable condition. They have appreciated in value over the past few years as have all Iso models.

The Iso Rivolta GT was praised by the motoring press when it was first introduced in 1962 and has been loved by enthusiasts ever since. With the vision of Renzo Rivolta, the engineering of Giotto Bizzarrini, the beautiful styling of Giorgetto Giugiaro when he was with Bertone and power by Chevrolet Corvette this is truly a masterpiece that is sought after by collectors around the world.

Iso Rivolta GT

This Iso Rivolta GT is for sale and can be driven and enjoyed immediately.

Summary – 1963 Iso Rivolta GT IR 340 – For Sale

Make: Iso
Model: Rivolta GT IR 340
Year: 1963
Chassis number: IR340075
Body material: Steel
Exterior color: Silver
Interior color: Palomino
Engine: 1969 small block Chevrolet (not the original engine block but major engine components are original); Heads- Original 1963 327 340HP hump back performance heads # 3782461; Intake- Original 1963 327 340HP aluminum performance #3794129; Exhaust manifold- Original; Radiator- Original; Weber 4-barrel carburetor
Odometer: 77,700 miles
MSD electronic ignition
No rust, excellent paint
The heater is not installed but comes with the car
No spare tire
A new reproduction Iso tool roll with non-original tools included
Clean title, State of Washington, USA

Quality Iso Rivolta GTs do not come to market often and this one is ready to go.

Iso Rivolta GT

Iso Rivolta GT

Iso Rivolta GT Engine

History of this Iso Rivolta GT No. 075

The car is a very good driver with excellent body and paint and an attractive interior. The motor was rebuilt to a very high standard by a previous owner who is an avid and longtime Iso enthusiast. The car has been driven approximately 1,500 miles in the last 12 years. The engine starts and runs smoothly. The transmission and clutch work like they should and the car stops well. The vinyl interior is very attractive but not original. All instruments work except the oil temperature gauge because there is not an oil temperature sender installed. Clock, vintage radio (FM), and cigarette lighter work.

The tires are Pirelli P4000 mounted on 7×15 Campagnolo rims with new Borrani spinners.

Iso Rivolta GT

Iso Rivolta GT

Restoration details

2010-2011 -The rockers, floors, rear valence up to the bottom of the taillights, much of the trunk floor, the rear vent boxes were replaced. The rockers and rear valence panels were crafted by Steve Hogue enterprises in Southern California (shapes taken from B. Caron’s Rivolta GT) shipped to Washington and professionally fitted and installed. The bottom half of the passenger door was reskinned. Several other smaller areas on the driver door, front valence and right fenders corner were addressed. Cost – $15,000+ USD.

2012-2013 – The car was stripped to the metal. Doors, trunk lid and miscellaneous small parts were sandblasted. The car was then sealed with epoxy sealer. The car was primered, sanded and painted. The preparation, painting, and finishing was done to a very high standard. Cost – $18,000 USD.

2012 Headlight rims, taillight bezels and vent grills were chromed. Cost – $1,000 USD.

2012 Interior was renovated.

2012 New leather dash pad and sun visors were recovered. Cost – $1,000 USD.

2013 complete mandrel formed exhaust system. Cost – $1,200 USD.

2014 Front brakes professionally rebuilt, new upper and lower A-arm bushings, new upper and lower ball joints, new front sway bar bushings. Cost – $3,500 USD.

2014 Fuel gauge repaired – $500.

Iso Rivolta GT

More photos are in the slide shows below.

Iso Rivolta GT


Iso Rivolta GT Brochure

Iso Rivolta GT Brochure

Iso Rivolta GT Brochure

Iso Grifo Badge


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Iso Rivolta GT IR 340 For Sale
Article Name
Iso Rivolta GT IR 340 For Sale
A beautiful Iso Rivolta GT is for sale on My Car Quest.


  1. My first Iso 🙂 I can say the engine is one of the strongest 327’s around, rims are special they are bit wider than stock, splines and shocks were rebuilt and it looks to have had a very high level restoration of the paint, interior and any other items I didn’t restore. IMO this is one of the best Iso Rivolta GTs in the USA

  2. I agree. A lot of time and money has gone into this car from both Brian and Mike. Someone is going to get a great Rivolta.

  3. Wallace Wyss says

    I remember when I worked for Motor Trend 50 years ago the distributor for the brand in the USA showed up with the car and tried to get us to do a test on it and we figured it was too outside of our audience. Maybe they had better luck with Sports Car Graphic, also a Petersen Publication.

    The next time I saw one was decades later at an auction in Newport Beach where they had a tatty gold one which the auctioneers said had belonged to comedian Richard Pryor. Even with that famous name owner it fetched only $3000 because no one there even knew what an Iso was I wonder where that car is today?

    Have a few been chopped up to become underpinnings for Bizzarrini re-creations?

    • It looks like Motor Trend was about the only publication that did not review the Iso Rivolta GT.

      Road & Track said in Feb. 1964;

      “It’s the car we’ve been looking for: Fast, comfortable, handsome, room for four…and now (pity) we can’t afford it!

    • Joe Mendes says

      I now own the Richard Pryor Rivolta. #180. It’s straight but with rust. Mostly complete. Sounds like I am trying to sell it, but I am not. I’m slowly working on it.

  4. can I afford it !! With everything else I have? I love the car

  5. Hans Maurer says


    is the car still for sale?

    Best regards

  6. Does anyone know if their is an iso rivolta for sale or know anyone has one? In good condition, send photos.

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