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February 25, 2024

Price Reduction – The Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype For Sale

In 1994 at the 65th Turin Motor Show Opac displayed this very elegant sports convertible based on the Maserati Spyder powered by the Maserati Shamal 3.2 liter V8, 326 bhp, 4-cam, twin turbo engine!

This beautiful Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype has both a removable hard top and a convertible soft top. This one-of-a-kind is for sale.

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Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype

Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype

Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype

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  1. I only wish I could drive one of them soon. Maseratis are fascinating, aren’t they?

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