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May 27, 2024

Iso Grifo For Sale – (1966 Series I) – Sold!!

This rare Iso Grifo has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way from California to the US East Coast!

My thanks to all of you who contacted me – it is going to a good home.


by Mike –

Timeless, elegant, powerful, beautiful dream car come true – and many more superlatives have been used to describe the Iso Grifo GL. Very rare is also apt.

Iso Grifo For Sale

The Iso Grifo for sale here is an exceptional example that has been restored to the highest standards by the marque expert, Roberto Negri; one of the very few in the US. The Iso Grifo is certainly one of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s masterpieces (styled while he was with Bertone). The color of this Grifo, Bleu Monthlery (dark blue metallic), is rare and very beautiful.

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

John Bolster summed it up nicely in “Autosport” on August 12, 1966,

I have never driven a car of which the appearance attracted so much favorable comment…for the man who wants the ultimate in two-seaters, this is the best that money can buy.

1966 Iso Grifo For Sale – Series I

Iso Grifo For Sale

Make: Iso
Model: Grifo GL 350
Year: 1966
Chassis number: GL 660 101
Exterior: Bleu Monthlery (dark blue metallic) -original color – a rare Iso Grifo color
Interior: Pelle beige (tan) – original color
Engine: Original engine – Corvette 327 cid, 350 hp, No. 916-F 0513 HT
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Style by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Bertone
Build date: November 14, 1966, originally sold in Italy
Restored by Roberto Negri (Il Bottegone – Iso Restorations – Clusone, Italy)
Odometer: 5,751 km (since the restoration was completed)
Number made: 402 – all Iso Grifo GL models
Exceptional condition

This Iso Grifo was imported into the US from Europe in 2014 and won its class at the Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance (near San Francisco) in July 2015 on its first outing in the US (photo below).

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Jerry Titus wrote in the “Sports Car Graphic” July 1966 issue,

There’s little doubt, once you’re seated behind the wheel, that the Grifo is a performance GT in every sense of the word. …we rate the Grifo as one of the top GTs in existence. It has some unique and practical features all its own, and the body styling gets our personal vote over all others that can be considered ‘production GTs’.

“Autocar” on April 29, 1966 wrote,

…it (the Grifo) is the ultimate in transport for the enthusiast, a kind of dream car come true. It brings back some of the lost pleasures of motoring and introduces many more new ones.


Iso Grifo For Sale - Logo

Iso Rivolta GT Logo


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Iso Grifo For Sale - (1966 Series I)
Article Name
Iso Grifo For Sale - (1966 Series I)
An exceptional and rare Series I Iso Grifo is for sale on My Car Quest.


  1. Sheer Italian beauty in a warm climate (no rust), an American motor and other American parts and the love of enthusiasts: perfect combination as you can see in the pictures.
    But those ugly orange blinking lights on the front outside brrrrr.
    And why white blinking lights on the bumper in the front? They should be orange and so inline whit the taillights.
    Very nice car though. My ultimate coupe for sure.

  2. Jack Nelson says

    Yours? GLWS

  3. David Dolter, Blackhawk Automotive Museum says

    Top rate restoration… Beautiful color! Priced correctly in my view…

  4. Lorenzo Di Galvieri says

    Superb Grifo without doubt & THE ultimate GT ! 😉

  5. Wow, I’m surprised you are selling your car! What a wonderful example.

  6. What was the price on this one though?

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