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May 20, 2024

NEW PRICE – For Sale – Original Ford GT40 Wire Wheels By Borrani

The famous Max Balchowski gave these Ford GT40 Borrani wire wheels to the seller many years ago while the seller was in Max’s shop in West Hollywood, California.

Max knew the GT40 wheels would also fit the seller’s Bizzarrini GT 5300.

Ford GT40 Wheels

Max was an expert on the Bizzarrini cars and at the time Max maintained Carey Lofton’s Bizzarrini which can be seen in both the Steve McQueen movie, Bullitt, and Clint Eastwood’s Eiger Sanction.

Max created the famous “Old Yeller” sports race cars and set up many of the West Coast top race cars and many of the stunt cars for Hollywood films.

Max Balchowski helped Giotto Bizzarrini manage his racing activities at Sebring in 1965.

It is believed these wheels are from an early competition Ford GT40.

Ford GT40 Wheels

The seller was on a race team that raced a Ford GT40 at Sebring and against the earliest GT40s in Nassau in the 1960s.

The markings on each wheel are the size (15 X 6 1/2 front and 15 X 8 rear) and a code which is believed the last two digits are the year of mfg. which is 60 for the two front wheels and 61 for the two rear wheels.

Ford GT40 Wheels

Price: $12,000 USD for the set of four (buyer pays for shipping)

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Contact: Ken by email – click here

Ford GT40 Wheels

Ford GT40 Wheels

Ford GT40 Wheels

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  1. John in Fargo says

    Used in 1964 only, I believe.

  2. Ken Phillips says

    John Thanks for your comment.
    I was there in Nassau when the Ford GT 40s tried to race.
    They were so bad Henry Ford ordered them flown out.
    When the Shelby guys got them in CA they tore everything apart. Including dumping the Ford small block the Brits had used and replaced it with a better Ford. We were racing Ferrari’s and other Italian cars so although we saw many different set ups on different GT40s I do not know every combination each team used. But I understood they came equipped with wire wheels.

  3. Have these been tested or spun to see if they are mechanically sound?
    Have they been on a car since you got them?

  4. Ken Phillips says

    When I got the wheels from Max I put them on my Bizzarrini .
    The wheels held air and appeared true but tires were too low profile so took the wheels off without driving the car, removed the tires and stored the wheels. I have not used these wheels. The wheels inside examined inside and out and seem sound. Is there a special test you want conducted ? If I can get done you are welcome to the results. Ken

  5. No, not necessary to have a test done if they were on a car, held air, and have not been damaged then it should be OK.

    I am talking with a friend who as a street GT40 and might want this set.

    • kenneth phillips says

      Raffi, Thank you for your interest. I believe your friend will find these wheels having been in good hands and no bad cars for so many years to be strong . Another set of race tires or special street tires mounted on these race wheels may be an interesting addition to your friends GT40. .

  6. Thanks Ken. I will see what he has to say and contact you through Mike.

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