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September 22, 2021

Southern California Racing: Exotics To Low Budget Garage Projects

Text and photos by Richard Bartholomew –

Across California and America there are companies like FastToysClub, Speed Ventures, Hooked on Driving and USCA (Ultimate Street Car Association) to name a few that are designed to let the average driver get the most out of his or her automobile.

Sometimes they even provide the cars. From Fontana, California to Millville, New Jersey and lots of race tracks in between car people are getting out there and leaving tire marks in turns with smiles on their faces.

Mazada on track

Whether it be a banker or doctor learning how to drive his, or her, ultimate supercar to it’s fullest or young greenhorns driving fresh new BMWs, Subarus or guys just having fun driving race prepped Volvos and everything in between. These companies let you get out and press the envelope in your sports car the way it was meant to be driven.

In the name of learning of course and without worrying about Johnny Law giving you a hefty fine for speeding or following too close. Lots of fun to watch and photograph as well as drive the course.

Race Track

Safety inspections, helmets, a complete safety crew and transponders are the tech of the day, a bargain when you think about it and no points on your drivers license. Instructors are available or you can rent two helmets and take a passenger for a few laps. Some cars are set up with multiple video cameras and social media is awash with people posting laps on their favorite track. This author can be seen on some of these videos taking pictures from the pedestrian bridge over the long straightaway at the Fontana Raceway.

Often these events are put on by dealers or coupled with car events featuring particular brands like BMWs ‘Bimmerfest’, or ‘Fastivus’ for Volkswagen. So any particular Saturday or Sunday you might see more of one brand running. And the new supercars are almost always heavily taped up to avoid any damage from track debris. Because it is a mix of cars with different abilities and different drivers skills you can usually tell by the sound when the big boys are out there or when it’s the local car club taking their scheduled laps.

Race Track

It is so easy these days to find out what is going on at local tracks and venues that it is no wonder how packed with people some of these things can be but where else can you see real cars driven at real speeds all day safely and legally?

Ferrari only events are my personal favorite but it was also kind of inspiring to see hundreds of survivor and restored Mazdas on their ‘day’.

Check the internet for any local events and if you like Lamborghinis or Corvettes or Porsches and Camaros you might be amazed how easy it is to spend a day watching amazing cars or driving your own car on a track near you.

…And an amazing day was had by all!

THE AUTHOR: Richard Bartholomew is a California artist and photographer.

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Southern California Racing: Exotics To Low Budget Garage Projects
Article Name
Southern California Racing: Exotics To Low Budget Garage Projects
Local race tracks and venues are where you see real cars driven at real speeds all day safely and legally.

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